How a personal injury victim can calculate compensation

The personal injury calculator is a useful online tool for all victims of personal injury accidents. If you have been the victim of an accident and you suffered a personal injury, you are able to calculate the compensations to be obtained in a simple and straightforward manner: simply add up five types of expenses that wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the unfortunate accident.

The medical care

The costs for medical care after the accident are some of the clearest types of expenses you can include when calculating the damages. You can add up the already existing bills for treatment and estimate the costs of the future medical care (prescription medication, future medical examinations, and tests) with the help of your treating physician. He or she will be able to tell you if the types of injuries you sustained in the accident will require future care. In some cases, this category of costs can also include the bills for therapy after a traumatic accident.

The lost income

The income you have lost as a result of being unable to work after the accident can also be included in the compensation calculator. You can evaluate the income you have lost and the one you are likely to lose in the future, if that is the case, by adding up your usual monthly income. Freelancers can include any lost projects or opportunities that have been missed because of the injury. Remember, the injury must be directly related to the inability to work. This can also be correlated with the hospitalization period.

The property damages

Any damages brought to your assets or property is introduced in a separate category. Here, you can include damages to your car, bicycle, home and any other assets that might have been damaged or destroyed in the accident.

A personal injury calculator works by adding up the expenses you are already aware of. For other types of compensations, for example, those for pain and suffering, the usual calculation scheme is the multiplier method. A multiplier, usually of 2.5 (a medium one) is added to the initial amount calculated after you introduced quantifiable expenses.

A calculator is only an online tool that cannot replace the expertise of a personal injury attorney who has dealt with similar cases before. A lawyer is the only one able to give you complete legal advice for your case, according to the type of accident and the severity of the injuries. Even though the online calculator is able to provide you with some of the answers you are looking for, we recommend you to contact a personal injury lawyer.