Housing solutions for American heroes

There are certain professions that Americans across the country serve in, often thanklessly. Baltimore knows this well, with the death of Baltimore soldier Sgt. Eric M. Houck in Afghanistan in 2017 reminding the city of its history. These law enforcement officials, soldiers, medical staff, firefighters and teachers perform jobs under adversity. Whilst there are schemes to help heroes, including people who fought all the way back in WW2, it remains that the pay and the economy are at odds, making it difficult for some heroes to procure their own homes.

Working in tandem with enterprise-led community development projects, Homes for Heroes have sought to establish a nationwide network of agents, support staff and brokers to provide a solid foundation for heroes to find affordable housing.

Homes for Heroes

Homes for Heroes were established in the aftermath of 9/11, a time when the heroism of multiple US institutions was brought into sharp focus. The company sought to find a way to properly remunerate the people involved in protecting the nation, and their families, for those sadly deceased in the line of duty. By providing incentives on house transactions they have provided over $30m in pay-back to heroes on their home purchases, sales and rentals. This is valuable support at a time when pay is being squeezed, especially for teachers.

Charity and Support

Homes for Heroes have also provided help to the people they work with by providing a support network with their families. Testimonials from the wives and extended families of the heroes have spoken about how the network have helped them to cope during long periods of infrequent contact or bereavement.

Furthermore, the Homes for Heroes foundations has given grants out to those in need; totaling over $400,000 in 2017 alone and granting help, including a full house to one Texas veteran.

How You Can Get Involved

Homes for Heroes are doing excellent work on the behalf of the private sector, but there is plenty that private people and members of the public can do, too. Quick and easy charity fundraising has opened the floodgates for individual people to make the difference, sometimes as easily as seeing a familiar logo.

The heroes of America that keep us protected from crime, war and medical emergencies, and enrich us through education and fire safety, deserve recognition. Thankfully, the nation is doing a lot, and more every year.