Holiday Tech Guide

I always have been into holiday gift guides because I like to see what cool and inventive stuff is out there.  I like to see what is worth buying and what is just hype.  


Items To Consider:

Momentum Headphones by Sennheiser:

Price: $349.95

One thing that I invested in recently was a good pair of over the ear headphones.  I am in no way what I would consider a music junkie but I do listen to a lot of music at my desk/coffee shop and I would rather invest in a good set of headphones then a few cheap pair of headphones.  I have always used the Apple headphones including the new redesigned headphones.  The Momentum Headphones by Sennheiser are the most comfortable headphones that I have ever worn and they provide some great sound.



Price: $99

You may have heard me talk about this before, but since then Boxee has improved its product recently.  With free TV channels, no-limit DVR and internet apps, this may just be the product you are looking for.  You can also plugin a USB flash drive or hard drive in and play videos, music and pictures right from the drive.  Boxee supports a ton of different file extensions.  If you are deciding between Boxee, iTV and Roku, you will find by far that Boxee has a lot more features.  The best part is Boxee TV is only $99.



Chemex Drip Coffee Brewer:

Price: $39.95

I worked at Starbucks for four years  and after I quit I always looked for an affordable way to make coffee at home and get the best flavor.  I have tried everything to from Aeropress for espresso to french press and my favorite has been the Chemex pour over coffee maker.  It comes as one of the cheapest items that I have bought to brew coffee and it does not take up much space in your kitchen.




On My Wish List:


WeWood Jupiter Black Watch:

Price: $129

I have always been a fan of really cool watches and the fact is that we don’t need watches today like we used to, so if I am gonna buy a watch I want it to be one that is really cool.  WeWood creates some of the coolest looking watches made out of wood.  This is on my list to this year to add to the collection of watches that I have collected.





Logitech Washable Keyboard

Price: $38.99

I use my computer quite a bit which means that I am using my keyboard all the time, which means by default it gets really dirty.  Logitech has realized that keyboards get dirty and they have created a washable keyboard with UV coated laser printed keys.  Watch the video below to learn more about the keyboard.


Items To Avoid:

Chrome Book:

Price: $249

You may have seen the new Chrome Book commercials on TV and you may be impressed by the price, but don’t be fooled this is not the smartbook you want.  At only $245 it seems like it would be the perfect computer to carry around, with its slim lightweight design, but unless you have moved the majority of things you do to the cloud, then this may not be for you.  The Chrome book runs one thing, Chrome browser that means you need to be running everything you do on that computer right from Chrome.  If you are still up in the air if this is the computer for you, please read a blog from The Verge that talks about using the Chrome book as your main computer.