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Hitler hangout: Hinterbrühl Beer Garden, Munich, Germany

Gasthof Hinterbrühl is a scenic restaurant and beer garden located on the banks of the Isar River, and is a very pleasant 20 or so minute walk from WaWi. Unfortunately, the beer garden was closed due to cold weather, but the restaurant was open, so we enjoyed a great meal and a few beers inside.

According to “The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Munich”, Hinterbrühl was a favorite hangout of Hitler, Göring, and Goebbels. In fact, after Göring committed suicide, his ashes, and those of ten other Nazi war criminals, were thrown into the stream that runs alongside the beer garden. However, there is no trace of any Nazi history in the restaurant – I never would have known about it if it wasn’t for the book.

While in Munich, we made a point to go to as many authentic beer gardens as possible, which often meant traveling outside of the tourist areas via public transportation. “The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Munich” by Larry Hawthorne was indispensable in helping us figure out which beer gardens were worth going to, and in showing us exactly how to get to them. Plus, it has coupons for free beer!!!

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  1. Jim says:

    Wow – funny to me the Nazi antisemites who come out of the closet on this post. I hope 1 day you wake up – Sayanim and How not to play the game – and I hope if you don’t wake up, I hope you get waht you deserve for LYING about MILLIONS of Jewish people being mercilessly killed! You are both truly evil and stupid!!

  2. Sayanim Suckers says:

    Nearly 25 yrs ago, Yad Vashem lowered the number of Auchwitz dead from 4 million to over 1 million – NYT article. So what does that tell you about the Holohoax SCAM??? to watch such utter brainwashed, unquestioning morons whisper “Hitler this, Hitler that…” is almost bewildering. Until you recall who owns the media brainwashers in the western world.
    Islamic world knows this is all bullcrap, hence they are zionazis’ biggest target

    • How Not To Play The Game says:

      …you have to admit though that they have done a masterful job of bs-ing the masses.

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