Handy Tips And Advice On How To Care For Insoles

When you insert the new insoles to your old pair of shoes or wear a new pair for the first time, they might feel slightly uncomfortable. It is something expected, but not the case for everyone. Some people will wear shoes and have no qualms with the insoles.

The insoles will start to feel comfier every time you put on the shoes, but then again, this also depends on if you follow the “wearing in” instructions. Visit the Orthotic Shop for perfect insoles. If the insole replacements are without any alterations, they should be a perfect fit and present no significant issues. If so, then read the following advice sheet.

The Do’s And Don’ts To Follow:

  1. Avoiding wearing them all day. Adjusting to them will take time, and this will entail the insoles getting accustomed to the shoes’ fit. And in case they change how your feet work, then getting accustomed to them might take longer.
  2. Wear them for about an hour on the first day, then increase the duration by roughly half an hour every other day until they become tolerable under your feet. Once you find that you can wear them comfortably all morning, you can jump into them in the afternoon.
  3. If you discover that wearing the insoles is a nightmare, even after the prescribed period, stop wearing them. That means you should not put them on if they feel uncomfortable after 2 hours.
  4. If you plan to wear them for three hours and were unbearable after two hours, you should stick to the length of time they felt comfy. You, nonetheless, can consider increasing the duration by roughly thirty minutes or thereabout.
  5. Some bit of discomfort in the legs in the early stages of breaking in the insoles is normal. Your muscles will be trying to adapt to the new functions and positions; therefore, some pain could be expected. However, if the pain is definite, then stop using the insoles and contact your podiatrist.
  6. The experts recommend that you stick to one pair of insoles for a specific pair of shoes. While you may switch them across a similar style of shoes, it is wise to confer this with your podiatrist.
  7. You should remove the old insole before inserting the replacements. It will help prevent the new ones from taking too much space in the shoes resulting in a tight and uncomfortable fit.

Remember that failure to adhere to these instructions may result in you taking a long time to get used to the new insoles.

Care Of Your Soles

The insoles in most adult shoes last nearly a year, but this could vary depending on their use. Since they are made from synthetic materials, they are relatively easy to clean with a damp soapy cloth. And while they rarely get too wet, you should allow them to dry naturally when they do. However, avoid placing them next to a direct heat source to prevent distorting the material.