Global Custodian Solutions Announces Independence From Parsimony Limited

Global Custodian Solutions (GCS), a division of renowned financial institution Parsimony Limited since 2001, has announced plans to become its own entity. While maintaining a close affiliate relationship with Parsimony Limited, Global Custodian Solutions will continue to be a progressive full-service custodian firm, providing customized solutions to those with complex financial situations. This announcement comes after a successful decade-plus relationship between the two financial power houses. Parsimony Limited will move forward serving as the execution arm of GCS, with Global Custodian Solutions retaining its position at the forefront of specialized custodial services, continuing to serve a sophisticated clientele seeking the most robust of custodian solutions.

For the past 13 years Global Custodian Solutions worked in tandem with – and as a division of – Parsimony Limited, sharing the focus of stable but aggressive and innovative strategies that has made them both names to be reckoned with within the finance industry. By applying those same principles to its custodial solutions, GCS will continue to safeguard and maximize the value of their members’ considerable holdings. In becoming independent from Parsimony Limited, GCS will continue their track record of providing outstanding service to a clientele of high net worth individuals and private businesses with unique needs. Their independence will allow them to deliver an enhanced focus on bespoke strategies tailored to each member’s unique financial situation and goals, while maintaining the utmost level of diligence and care with their securities and various other assets.

In the coming years, GCS hopes to attract an even larger book of business by focusing on wealth-maximizing custodial strategies. By offering sophisticated but sound advice on asset management, disposition and regulatory compliance, GCS will serve a clientele of members who want to maximize the leverage of their holdings while maintaining the highest standards of integrity. Global Custodian Solutions holds the advantage of years of experience, creative strategy and diligent regulatory work that will continue to provide the utmost security to its members, both in the short and long terms. Furthermore, having Parsimony Limited continue its relationship as the execution arm of Global Custodian Solutions, GCS presents the benefit of a more direct relationship between the client and their investments, eliminating the need for middlemen and decreasing the margin of error, time to execution, and excess fees associated with a conventional compliance firm.