Glacier Portable AC Reviews – Best portable air conditioner in 2020

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With the frequently increasing temperature, it is almost difficult to live without an AC system. While they are now a need, many individuals cannot afford them. They call for a whole lot of electrical energy as well as are not suitable for countries where electrical energy is costly. Unfortunately, many people cannot prioritize their convenience over cash.

Lots of people are now looking for even more affordable solutions that can help them endure the severely hot days without having to spend all their hard-earned money paying for electric bills. Additionally, also those who can pay for expenses are also affected due to constant power failure as they are unable to run their ac unit even if they wish to.

Lots of people are also not pleased with their vehicle AC as well as reach job sweating with all their clothes ruined. Since on the severely hot days, the car’s body is heated up, auto ACs stop working and are unable to deal with heat as successfully. Considering such circumstances, a very easy to carry portable A/C is all that people want and that makes Glacier Portable AC an interesting find.

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Glacier Portable AC Review

Glacier Portable AC is an outstanding light-weight, portable, and also a powerful air conditioner. Given that it is portable, individuals can bring it anywhere they like. This portable Glacier Portable AC can generate all-natural and healthy cool air without requiring too much of electric power. It does not make too much noise, nor does it generate any type of odor in the space it’s kept. Moreover, it normally humidifies the completely dry air as well as controls the humidity levels.

Unlike the typical air conditioners, it does not need any type of expert setting, nor does it need a great deal of energy. All people need to do is buy this Air Conditioning and keep it anywhere they like, anytime they like.

It does not eat a lot of electrical energy since, unlike conventional air conditioning systems, it does not rely on a hefty mix of filters and also refrigerants. It is atmosphere friendly as well and does not release greenhouse gases such as Freon that are harmful to the environment.

These water vapors then clean and cool down the warm air and also decrease the room temperature. All people need to do is pour 300 ml of water down its storage tank and then then the Glacier Portable AC works for 8 straight hours before needing a refill once again.

The very best component about the device is that it does not need any type of constant maintenance and also if something goes wrong, the repair service prices are not that high like the typical AC unit. This suggests that individuals can save a lot more money and also stay in comfort. It is best for small households who want to survive the heat without bearing high power costs and high maintenance costs.

Individuals can simply transform their lives and sleep in tranquility as it does not make any kind of noise, neither does it need to be switched on over and over once again. It just regulates the temperature and humidifies the surroundings without producing any odor or noise.

Throughout hot seasons, the cars and truck air conditioning systems do not function that properly in the scorching heat. This device features a USB jack, which allows people to plug-in right into their automobile or even a laptop. When traveling long distances, it can be used in the car. All it will certainly require is water as well as an electric source. This also tells how little energy it requires to be turned on.

It starts cooling the air within seconds of being activated. It has 3 separate fans that kick start the air conditioning process without making any annoying noise. It is ten times more affordable when it comes to electric bills because the standard devices take in 3500-5000 watts, while this device needs only 350 watts of energy to work.

It is pointless to set up an expensive and heavy a/c unit in tiny rooms and workplaces and this device is perfect for locations smaller sized than 45 lawns. It will certainly function immediately as well as regulate the temperature without demanding excessive electric power.

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  • Regulates air temperature and keeps the room cool
  • Does not produce any type of unsafe gases neither in the room nor outside.
  • Does not make any type of bothersome noises
  • Begins working instantly
  • Consumes 10 times less energy and also hence saves a lot of money
  • Is mobile as well as can be kept anywhere
  • Reduced maintenance expense
  • Easy to fix
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Functions as a Fan, Humidifier, and AC unit all in one!
  • Keeps you cool & comfortable on warm days
  • Rechargeable, portable, and cord-free!
  • Filters air of dust and pathogens
  • Easy to Clean & Use
  • Powerful and Quiet


Considering the uniqueness of the product, one might believe that it might be unaffordable and very expensive; however, in reality, Glacier Portable AC is available at extremely budget-friendly prices. Presently, there are amazing price cut offers on the official site of the product. The price of one Glacier AC is $89.99, however, the more people buy, the more money they can save. Those who buy three Glacier Portable ACs will get a 60 % discount, making the price of each just $71.99. There are many more deals on the official website. Moreover, the product comes with a money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied users can easily return the product and get their money back.


In conclusion, all those who wish to get through summers without throwing their hard-earned money into electrical bills should grab this unique AC and make their lives easy. Glacier Portable AC is not only cheaper than the typical devices but is likewise very easy to set up and also maintain. It is based upon an advanced air conditioning system that only requires water refilling every eight hours. The product is environmentally friendly and hence people won’t have to feel bad when they enjoy the cool air. It is certainly the best choice for all the wise people out there.

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