The art of staying well during pandemic according to Robert Trosten

The spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has been rapid and overwhelming. The situation has developed into a grim scene worldwide, and it is not just the health that was under the fire. As the situation stands, the world is now facing a severe economic crisis since most business operations have to reinstall and reinvent their set-up to suit the changing dynamics of the world.

According to Robert Trosten, the key to surviving the pandemic is through wellness and fitness regimens. Yes, we understand that to combat the Coronavirus’s infective nature, the WHO recommended guidelines work the best, but we are instead focusing on the mental health that contributes its fair share to the well-being of a person.

It is vital to keep in mind that as the situation stands currently, human beings face a lot of worry and tension contributed mostly by the pandemic, the health concerns, the loss of jobs, and livelihood. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial to keep the feelings of negativity at bay so that you can face every challenge with a clear head and thought process.

Keeping up the mental health like Robert Trosten

Let us have a look at some guidelines laid down by mental health experts all around the world. Here is the first thing they suggest; according to the experts, it is essential to keep to a schedule even if you work from home like you used to do before the pandemic hit. Allot specific times for work and breaks in between your work to recharge your batteries. And you must fill up your downtime with some activity or a hobby to destress your mind. Mental health experts advise against looking regular updates regarding the number of infected cases and discussing it with your friends and family members.

Taking care of the children

Children are often extra sensitive and imaginative, often to their detriment. Here is something that we often neglect, the fact about child care in this crisis period. According to mental health experts, it is essential to understand that this crisis will have a profound effect on the kids of this generation. Hence, discretion is advised along with a matter of fact approach when you are discussing the pandemic with your children. You must avoid keeping secrets, but a balance between news items that you must share and other terms that are not essential is critical in this scenario.

Always keep in mind that even with your busy schedule, you need to take some time out for your children and engage with them in activities around the house. Keep them busy and interested in chores, and for a change, you can try taking an active part in their games and study lessons. Here is something that you need to understand; in a time like this, kids need more from us, love, and attention, both fronts.

Uncertain times fan fear and anxiety, but with careful practices, you can lessen your emotional and mental burden to keep your mental health up and yourself in good spirits through this pandemic.