Gift Ideas for Firefighters

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The services provided by firefighters are essential for the success of modern society. Cities are far too condensed, industrialized, interconnected, and sophisticated for there not to be a publicly funded department tasked with responding to fires and other catastrophic events threatening lives and property.

Given their personal valor and public value, let’s all take some time to thank our local firefighters this holiday season. Whether it’s one in your family or the entire station house down the road, here are five suitable gift ideas for firefighters you know:


We can’t quite put our finger on it, but something about the culture of firefighters tells us they’re the type who probably like to occasionally smoke cigars – emphasis on occasionally. Maybe it’s because a controlled burn plays a role in the process, or that so many firefighters have mustaches and therefore have mouths that seem meant to clench stogies. Either way, a few boxes of good quality discount cigars can be a great way to hook up the entire station house with something special. They might not all be willing to light one up, but we’re willing to bet most will take to it for the novelty factor alone.


It’s probably not a good idea to go out and buy the local firefighters new equipment on your own since much of what they use is likely regulated and dictated by strict department standards. However, if you were to notice a broken light fixture on engine number two while walking your dog past the station, you could speak with the captain about donating the funds for a replacement. They can use the funds to go to their predetermined supplier of light bars for trucks and get a new fixture.


As far as going out and buying something for the station to have, you might have better luck with decor than equipment. A framed painting or mural honoring first responders can be hung up somewhere in the station house, meanwhile, a subtle statue can be positioned out front. Little kitsch items for desks and the station house kitchen can also be considered. However, if it’s something particularly cumbersome or otherwise hefty, consult with the captain before placing the order.


Something tells me most firefighters wouldn’t turn down the offer of free food. Whether it’s baking cookies or other treats yourself or ordering the station a round of pizzas, food can go a long way in letting firefighters know they’re appreciated.


Most people’s idea of an after-work cocktail involves escaping from the stresses of the office. We can, therefore, relate to the firefighter who prefers a drink after his shift is over, considering the stresses of that job often involve life and death. With this in mind, it’s not a bad idea to buy the firefighter in your life a bottle or two of his or her favorite wines or spirits. A glass of bourbon might be just what they need to get their mind off the harrowing ordeals they face.

Few professions are as dangerous as firefighting while also being vital to the common good as firefighting. The men and women who train and work in this field are undoubtedly brave and exceptionally skilled – so why not show a little appreciation? You never know when you or someone you love will depend on their life-saving services.