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Getting the Right Dresses (and More) for Fall and Winter

The seasons are changing, and your wardrobe should be, too! It’s been a wonderful summer of light dresses and tops, flip-flops, and beachwear, but — at least for those who live in chillier climates — all of that is coming to an end. And as you dig out your cold-weather gear, you may find yourself staring into an abyss of out-of-style garments. It’s time to take stock of the styles of a new season and get on track with fall and winter fashion.

What’s in style this fall and winter?

Fashion moves fast, but that doesn’t mean that we have to throw out everything we once knew about dressing for cold weather. Rest assured that you still can’t go wrong with some of the classics this fall and winter. Boots are still in, for instance, and you can wear them as high or low as you please. Autumn colors like burgundy and goldenrod are also still in style and perfect to wear as you wade through city streets full of fallen leaves and early snow.

As the weather gets colder, you’ll want to bundle up in long coats. This year’s hip styles include weather-appropriate shearling and (often artificial) leather.

You’ll need pants and other cold-weather solutions, of course, but every season has its warmer days. In the early days of fall and the waning days of winter, take the opportunity to wear nice dresses made of heavier and more textural materials than you could reasonably wear in the summer heat! Long, elegant dresses are perfect for winter parties and can be paired with luxurious (and similarly long) coats for that chilly walk from the car or subway to the warm bar or home where the party is taking place.

How to shop for fall and winter styles

Refreshing your old wardrobe for a new season is always a fun thing to do, but it can also be costly. You don’t want to go broke as you figure out what to wear this fall and winter, so take our advice and find some ways to save on fall and winter fashion.

One great way to save money in the modern fashion world is to shop online. Online stores don’t have the same overhead costs that brick-and-mortar shops have to deal with, so they often charge less for the same clothes and still make a profit. And with modern online shopping return policies, there’s no reason to fear a poor fit or a mistake on your size. If things don’t work out exactly as you’d hope, you can always just send the clothes back and try a different size or style. Shoppers always want easy e-commerce return policies, and many clothing retailers have them. Shipping is fast and convenient these days, and return policies are forgiving, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Of course, some of the cheapest places to get clothes are also some of the worst. Big-box stores and massive online retailers are not going to have the hip clothes that you want, and you can bet that their fits are going to be pretty unflattering for most body types. So don’t let your budget get the better of you! Besides, there’s no need to go super-cheap when there are so many affordable online retailers.

The best places to buy your dresses, coats, boots, and other fashion essentials this fall and winter will be online boutiques. These online shops carry curated collections of the latest fashions in the right fits. At the same time, they’re likely to offer the sorts of low prices that you’d expect from an online retailer. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s the perfect way to make sure that you get the clothes you need at the right price this fall and winter.

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