Gardening 101: 11 Best Tools for Lawn Care

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

A beautiful lawn is something that draws your attention immediately. It decorates any house by adding cozy vibes to it. No matter how small your yard is, you still can create something special out of it, using the proper tools. Here are the most popular tools you may need in your garden. For more expert reviews, visit ElectroGardenTools.

11 Essentials for Your Lawn

Everything can be fixed with a proper tool, including your lawn. However, it is not always easy to find the one you need among the thousands of offers you see on the market. This is why it is vital to understand what you really need.

1. Lawnmower

Unless you have a garden of stones, you need a lawnmower to cut the grass evenly and regularly. Consider the grass as a demanding decoration that grows high immediately after you cut and clean it. Nevertheless, it is the main attraction in your yard. This is the first thing that other people see, and you don’t want it to look abandoned. For a big territory, you may require a petrol mower, while for small and medium lawns, the corded electric tool will be perfect. If the cord on your electric mower is big enough for large distances, you can buy it without a doubt. An electric mower saves your money on petrol, while a petrol mower does not require electricity and is mobile.

You can choose numerous features, including mowers with rollers to make stripes. Decide whether you need to make mulch from this grass or if you need to cut the grass accurately, avoiding flowers and other obstacles on your way. There is a wide range of mowers based on their features.

2. Hose

To let the grass on your lawn grow green and healthy, you have to water it from time to time. The roots will also grow easier with the proper amount of water. Strong roots will survive the winter, while weak roots are unlikely to make it through the cold period of time. Depending on the climate zone you live in, you need to pick the right schedule for watering the lawn. The soil does not have to be too wet; otherwise, the roots will rot.

Pick the hose long enough for all the lawn. Make sure it fits the tap and is compatible with other tools. A good hose is made of reliable strong material.

3. Shears for neat edges

You shouldn’t mow everything on your lawn. There may be bushes for flower beds that require accurate treatment. Neat edges can be made with sharp shears and a few hours of your free time. The shears must be bought in the first place since you will definitely need them.

4. Lawn rake

Before you buy the new tool, make sure you don’t have it in your shed. A lawn rake is well-known around the world. You can use it for your lawn and garden whenever you want to clean the grass from the fallen leaves, dead grass, weeds, or moss. You can rake the lawn once in several months to make sure that nothing keeps the good fresh grass from growing.

5. Scarifier

Scarifier is the tool you need to help the new grass grow. It gets rid of the thatch that is built up during the year and provides the necessary amount of air to the topsoil. You don’t have to use this instrument often, once a year will be enough to refresh the lawn.

6. Lawn spreader

Many people believe that a lawn spreader is made to spread the grass seeds evenly. It is true. However, there are much more features this tool provides. For example, you can spread the feed onto your lawn whenever you notice the yellow or brown areas appear. If you want to get rid of the weed or moss, you can spread the substance with the help of this machine.

7. Leaf rake

A leaf rake becomes on-demand in the autumn when gardeners remember about the piles of leaves that must be removed. You can clean the lawn with the leaf rake, taking away old leaves and grass. It is recommended to pick a plastic leaf rake, which does not harm the grass, moving it gently.

8. Leaf blower

Here is another variation of the clearing and cleaning tool. If you don’t want to use a rake or simply don’t have enough time, you can try a leaf blower. It works twice faster, saving your own energy. If you have a huge amount of leaves, you will need a leaf blower. Before you buy it, pay attention to its weight as you have to carry it on your shoulder for some time. There are electric and gas-powered models on the market. You can choose electric options for small yards, and gas ones for big territories.

9. Buckets and bags

You need to collect the weed and old leaves you gather on your lawn. Besides, anything you want to spread on your lawn or take away must be carried somewhere. Don’t limit yourself to one single bucket. The chances are you will need several of them at the same time. You can choose different sizes of buckets and bags for various types of work.

10. Shovel

You may already have a shovel among your instruments. It is necessary for digging holes or planting flowers and bushes. There are wide ranges of shovels on the market, including the tools with steel or fiberglass handles. You can go with a wood handle as a beginner. Pay attention to the material the head is made of. It has to be strong enough.

11. Gloves and other safety equipment

Don’t forget about your own safety. The gloves will guard your hands against cuts and scratches. They are necessary to wear before you begin to work in your yard. Protect your head from the sun with a hat. Your eyes also should be shielded with specific glasses. Cover your hands with long sleeves to avoid cuts and bruises. If you work with chemicals, make sure they wouldn’t get spilled accidentally on your skin.

Which Tools to Buy First?

Start with simple tools like a shovel, a rake, and buckets. You will need them no matter what you decide to do with the lawn. After some time, you will understand that you need much more than these basic instruments to keep the lawn neat. The good news is that these tools are pretty affordable, and you can buy them all one by one. 

Don’t forget to take care of your lawn no matter what, since it is the first thing everyone sees looking at your house. You will quickly learn how to use these tools even if you are new to gardening. With enough free time you are ready to spend in your yard, you can significantly master your skills. Besides, gardening is considered to be one of the best therapies, which you can attend completely free of charge anytime you want it.