Funeral Souvenirs — Yes or No

While attending a funeral, it is easy to get confused about what and what not to do. It is an emotional ceremony and you wouldn’t want to do anything that would give the wrong impression or convey the wrong message to the mourning family. Some of us may have wondered if getting a souvenir while attending a funeral is a good idea or not. 

Funeral souvenirs aren’t a bad idea at all but care must be taken while choosing them so as to convey the right message and to avoid offending the mourning family. You must know that some souvenirs may not be considered appropriate. The manner in which they are delivered is also very important.


The truth is that sending funeral souvenirs is an age long practice that cuts across cultures. It is seen by most people as an appropriate way to express sympathy to friends, colleagues, clients and anyone else. Traditional foods which include drinks, chocolate, fruits, and desserts are mostly preferred because of their refreshing and comforting abilities. In some cases, religious scriptures and objects are also used and they are usually highly appreciated.

Usually, visiting friends and colleagues at a funeral would bring these souvenirs to show their sympathy during the usual family gatherings that follow the funeral service. 


There are many reasons why you would bring a souvenir to a funeral.

  • As a kind gesture:-  A well-chosen funeral souvenir will be seen as a kind gesture by the mourning family. It shows that you care for them and you sympathize with them. Please, take care to pick out something that won’t offend the mourners. Traditions and customs are very important and so, you may want to ask questions if you are not familiar with the traditions of the mourning family. If you are a member of the mourning family consider making funeral arrangements that incorporate the exchanging of souvenirs.
  • Condolence:- Funeral souvenirs symbolize condolence. They are well appreciated by the funeral hosts and seen as thoughtful ways of expressing your sympathy over their loss. 
  • Contributing to the funeral expenses:- Some funeral souvenirs like food, drinks, and other necessities can be brought along by friends and colleagues as their little way of helping to host the funeral. 


This is a practice where visitors bring condolence baskets with them while attending a funeral. This can also be sent to the home of the mourning family if you cannot attend the funeral service. A condolence basket could contain food or other personalized items or gifts.  Look out for comforting gifts that could bring a little relief or warmth to the grieving person. There are also services that offer direct delivery of the condolence basket to the home of the mourning family.


  • Flowers:- Flowers have generally been accepted as gifts for any occasion. There are several beautiful options to choose from. They brighten up the environment and tend to lighten the mood. They are easy to send over when you are not able to attend the ceremony and are not an expensive option. You may choose a flower that appeals to the grieving person and you could also attach a small note conveying your sympathy.
  • Donations:- Sometimes financial support given to the mourning family could be highly appreciated. This would be amazing if you notice that they really need the help and you offer without even being asked. However, this can also be misunderstood.

Everyone attending a funeral is expected to offer support and comfort in any way they can to the mourners. Funeral souvenirs are wonderful ways to help show care and support. It is a wise idea to get one while going for a funeral.