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Frost Murphy joins hands with HeartGift Foundation

Many established entrepreneurs have used their success an opportunity to do good for society, taking initiatives to bring about a change in the lives of others. These icons aren’t restricted themselves to only donating a sum of cash or other assets to those in need, they have taken the extra step of reaching out to people in person, mentoring and guiding them towards a better way of living. One such individual is George “Frost” Murphy.

Murphy is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu specialist and founder of Elite MMA in Houston. He is also the vice-Chairman of the HeartGift Foundation and Chairman of the Mission Committee, which helps children who have been suffering from terminal heart ailments to receive proper treatment and care. HeartGift also provides the funds for congenital cardiac defect surgeries to the children in need. Under the initiative, kids from 34 different countries, where medical care is either insufficient or lacking, are brought to Texas and provided treatment free of cost.

Following his debut in professional MMA back in 2011, Murphy donated his entire purse to the HeartGiftFoundation. Murphy said fighting to benefit a charitable initiative like HeartGift is a great way to make the world aware that mixed martial arts is not just a blood sport, many of those who pursue this sport contribute to society.

Murphy began his professional career as a real-estate entrepreneur in Texas in the early 2000s. His present activities are revolved around several ventures, primarily in the oil & gas, fitness and real estate industry. He also provides leadership and entrepreneurial support for a number of global and local non-profit organizations, much like HeartGift, which now has chapters in cities such as Houston, Dallas, Louisiana, and San Antonio.

“97 cents out of every dollar go towards patient related services at HeartGift. We keep the costs through creative and grassroots fund-raising along with large Gift-in-kind donations from our hospital partners. Our volunteers also provide accommodation and transportation facilities to the ailing children and their family members. The medical expenses, treatment cost and other logistics are covered by us, while our partner hospitals also dismiss a portion of their fees to help these kids. The children that the foundation helps have no access to advanced health care. As a father of two, I can understand the pain their parents go through. Our goal is to make as much of a difference as is possible”, said Murphy.

In April, the foundation celebrated its annual HeartGift Gala, which was attended by over 400 industry leaders and key influencers. The fundraising goal of the organization of $500,000 was brilliantly surpassed by a huge margin of $150,000. Murphy said that HeartGift has forged partnerships with several NGOs in order to enable patient referrals. All participating medical partners and physicians contribute their 100% professional fee towards the cause.

Murphy’s philanthropic initiatives and his zeal to serve various local and global communities in need have turned HeartGift into a sheer blessing for many innocent lives.

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