Fire Fighting Equipment – A Class of Their Own

It is one thing being well prepared with regards to health and safety at our commercial premises but if we do not conduct enough research on areas we are unsure about, we may have to change our approach. Indeed, apart from making sure we have enough fire extinguishers placed in suitable areas of our factory or other business premises, it is crucial we learn about the different kinds of fires that can occur in buildings and what they are classed as. By taking some time to look up the various classes of fire and what their causes are as well as the most suitable fire extinguishers to help put them out, we should be much more prepared for these situations. Fortunately, it will not be too difficult getting all the information we need regarding the most appropriate fire extinguisher in terms of the sorts of materials most likely to catch on fire in the event of a fire outbreak.

Combustible Materials

Factory owners involved in the manufacture and distribution of clothing should already be aware that the kinds of fire extinguishers they need for their premises are predominately ones designed to deal with Class A fires. Having said that, we should take into account that in many cases a building will require a combination of extinguisher types as it is possible that a range of different kinds of fires could break out on the property. Of course, bosses that go through all the correct procedures related to fire regulations should already have this important matter covered by dealing with an authoritative member of fire safety procedures. At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of company owners to seek out professional advice related to using the most suitable fire extinguishers on their premises. In addition to listening to advice from fire safety experts, reading guidelines on fire extinguisher types when searching to purchase this vital equipment would be very wise indeed.       

Location, Location

Anyone in charge of taking care of fire safety procedures who is not too sure about the best places to install new fire extinguishers on the company premises should really look into this important matter. Indeed, it is all very well having some of the best quality extinguishers for various types of fires throughout our factory but if they are not in the best locations in terms of easy access, we will need to rethink our strategy. But as previously discussed in this article, whenever in doubt about anything to do with the use of fire fighting equipment, it is always best to talk to people with expertise in these matters. And if we still haven’t found a provider of fire extinguishers that offer the kind of quality extinguishers we require, we should scour the internet for our needs. There are certainly lots of highly reputable suppliers of the various types of fire extinguishers available on the market today that can be found with ease with an online search.

Crucial Equipment

Although only suitable for use on small fires as much larger blazes should only be dealt with by the emergency services, extinguishers are nonetheless a crucial piece of equipment in combating fires in the workplace. The importance of fire extinguishers is no better demonstrated by this fact: fire extinguishers put out more workplace fires than local fire services. In some cases, less threatening fires with less flammable materials involved do not require the assistance of the fire services if they can be easily contained with the use of effective extinguishing equipment. One way to be sure of dealing with a small fire at our workplace would be ensuring we do not use a fire extinguisher that could make the fire worse due to the use of unsuitable class of extinguisher.