Finding the Best Food Delivery Apps

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Who wants to have to go through the hassle of cooking or, even worse, having to put on a respectable outfit to go outside to interact with other people just to get a meal? A drive-thru can take as long as a walk-in order, and calling a restaurant isn’t necessarily a much more convenient option. If only there were some magical way to get whatever kind of food you wanted right when you wanted it. It could maybe even save your life if you’re committed to a binge gaming session that could result in starvation.  

As facetious as the above is, there are some great reasons to try food apps beyond our obsession with constantly greater convenience, and the minds behind the best mobile app development companies have us covered. Food delivery apps can open you up to food options you otherwise wouldn’t try, either because of time constraints or not even knowing they were there. Of course, they can also bring you your fast food guilty pleasures or whatever else you like. By simply entering your location, you’ll be introduced to a plethora of delightful options in your area. The following are some of the best apps to begin your culinary journey.


Out of all the food delivery apps out right now, DoorDash is likely the one you’ve heard of, simply because of its wide availability. While there are yet to be any premium restaurants partnering with the app, it’s hard not to appreciate its wide variety of fast food options and sit down restaurants. Potential price surges at peak times may be a barrier to some, but DoorDashs’ delivery speeds have been higher than expected during testing. This may have something to do with the app embracing the potential benefits of AI learning. Whether you decide to avoid peak time orders or pay a premium for speed, you could do a lot worse than DoorDash.


Seamless is a great, simple option for those who just want to search their craving and get results. Want a burger? Feeling like seafood? Dying for some spicy chicken? Just type in what you’re looking for, and the app will present a list of nearby options. Choose your restaurant, pick your items, and place your order. It doesn’t get much easier than three taps to have a delicious meal brought to you. You can even save your meals for even easier order placements next time.

There is generally an order minimum requirement, but the app waives a delivery fee.

The benefits of this app don’t end there, though. Seamless also allows for meal pre-ordering, a trend that has been on the rise during the past year or so. This allows customers to skip lines, and restaurants can work gift cards and other promotions into their pre-ordering process. Embracing technology now will allow restaurants to communicate more directly with their target audiences and help them predict/adjust for the future.


The Caviar app, available on both Android and iOS, is perfect for those looking for a more refined experience. As the name suggests, this app searches delivery options from fancy restaurant, although it does sport a few more affordable meals as well. The app is content driven, with the majority of the screen covered in your options and an unobtrusive address bar at the top. Once a restaurant is selected, each meal option is photographed in accurate, mouthwatering detail. Ordering works similar to many e-commerce sites. Simply fill your cart with your options, and proceed to checkout.

As you might also expect from the name, there are some added fees involved with this app. Most notable is the 18 percent service fee. This is to compensate couriers and ensure top-notch customer service. Still, it’s probably the highest quality option out there, as long as you’re willing to spend a bit more to get it.

Of course, much more food delivery apps are out there. This is simply scratching the surface. Still, depending on the quality of meal you’re after, these apps are all great starting points.