Ferguson police cover-up continues: No justice for Michael Brown

For a clear example of how a police cover-up is in progress go to Ferguson, Missouri.

First a police officer shoots multiple times and kills unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday.  Then they won’t identify the officer or release the facts.  Then they say that the officer has an injury to his face but then won’t tell how many times the deceased was shot citing “a pending investigation.”

Mike Brown Jr. via Facebook
Mike Brown Jr. via Facebook

Now, six days later, they have not even interviewed the witness who was at the scene and who has already spoken publicly about the incident.

And two women who witnessed the shooting are going to speak with the FBI agents because they fear the Ferguson police.

And there is more.

They have come down in a heavy manner on citizens who began to peacefully protest the shooting.  Remember, the city is  63-percent black  with only three black police officers on the department.  Then they arrest two white reporters from the Huffington Post and Washington Post because they didn’t move fast enough when told to leave a McDonald’s restaurant near the scene.  Then they release the same reporters who had taken videos of the police misconduct concerning their arrest.  And, the chief of police responds by issuing a statement, saying they must do better in their dealing with the minority community.

Duh!  Ya think?

Now, the FBI is involved.  It is possible they may be forced to take action against the shooting officer.  But, if history is any indication, they will sit on their investigation for a long time and then quietly claim the shooting was justified.

This is one of the reasons why we started  “Archangels of Justice.”

What we are doing: Informing the public just how representatives of our government usually work to the detriment of the public in order to protect themselves.