Everything You Wanted to Know about Eye Bag Removal Surgery

If your eyes have saggy, droopy bags under them, that can make you look tired and unhealthy all the time. These bags can be keeping you from looking your best and they may be hurting your self-confidence.

What a lot of people are doing to correct this problem is undergoing a simple cosmetic operation known as a lower lid blepharoplasty. This big-sounding word simply means that the skin underneath the eyelid will be surgically removed to give you a more desirable appearance.

The skin by your eyes will sag naturally over time. Your skin loses its elasticity and tautness as wrinkles form with age. The same kind of cosmetic procedures used to remove fat in the face can be used for this surgery. You will be able to shave off some of the effects of aging from your face by having this procedure done. It makes the skin look more youthful and taut.

How Will It Look?

The procedure will be fairly quick and easy. You won’t have to worry about it causing any significant damage to the skin, because there are no deep incisions needed for this procedure.

You can go to https://1aesthetics.com/eye-bag-removal/ to learn more about the procedure and what it will entail, but you should know that it leaves no scar tissue or discernible marks. A few days after the operation, the skin around your eyes should look fantastic. If you have chosen an experienced, skilled aesthetician, then the results should be seamless. The newly constructed skin under the eyes should appear perfectly natural.

How Much Will It Cost?

The price varies from one clinic to another, but the costs are going to be based on how much work you need done and which procedure the specialist uses. You can talk to the specialist during a consultation to see what kind of costs would be associated with this procedure. The quote you receive may not include all of the various costs, though. You may have to pay extra for anesthesia, use of the operating room, and any medications used.

How Long Does It Take?

The procedure just lasts a few hours (anywhere from 1-3). Afterward, you will need to apply a cold compress to the treated area. This allows for swelling to subside and helps to numb the minor pain from the surgery.

In the past, a surgeon would have to apply bandages to your eyes, but that’s not necessary now, thanks to advances in modern medicine. You just need to apply the cold compress for the next few days following the surgery.

What Are the Risks?

Let’s talk about how safe or dangerous this procedure is. You might have heard about long recovery times after a surgery of this nature, but that’s well in the past. Now, it’s mostly painless and would cause few to no complications. Most people get through the surgery just fine and experience no major health problems.

This is considered a very minor surgery, with a low risk factor. That makes it pretty safe for people of all ages, so you don’t have to worry that you might have aged out of the key patient demographic for this surgery. It’s likely perfectly safe for you.

To fully recover from the surgery, you will need to take about 10-14 days off work. This is typical, and afterwards, you should be healed enough to resume normal activity.

What kind of risks are involved? Some people suffer from bleeding, bruising or soreness following the procedure. All of these kinds of symptoms should go away after a few days and get better with each passing day.

Those who are elderly or in poor health will need to take extra precautions. Your doctor can advise you whether this kind of procedure is safe enough for you or if you should wait on it until you are healthier.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, you can visit 1Aesthetics here. If you aren’t sure if this procedure is right for you, it’s a good idea to at least set up a consultation to get your questions answered so you can make an informed choice.