What to Know about Recovering from Picosure

Picosure is a revolutionary way to revitalize your skin. It’s typically used to treat the face to get rid of blemishes, make the skin look more youthful and create a more desirable appearance.

You can try Picosure with the Artisan Clinic. This Singapore clinic offers this well-reviewed procedure provided by experienced specialists who can give you incredible results. The results aren’t guaranteed, though. You may not get the same kind of drastic change that someone else experienced. Also, you might have even better success than someone who has Picosure performed on them in Singapore and didn’t get to see a major difference.

This is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, meaning that it makes you look different and may not be medially required for your health. Many cosmetic procedures will have some downtime or recovery period involved. With some, you will need to take days to get better, healing from bruising and dealing with scarring.

Picosure is a relatively new treatment, so those considering having it done on them have a lot of questions, naturally. If you would like to know more about recovering from this procedure and what it all entails, then read on.

The Picosure Treatment

This treatment is performed with a laser. The powerful light activates certain responses in the body that are all natural and safe. That’s good news for anyone who is concerned about side effects, complications and risk. There are really none to speak of and nothing to be worried about.

This treatment rejuvenates cells in the skin by stimulating the production of collagen. That’s a youthful component that helps skin to look and feel very young. It is responsible for tautness, smoothness and elasticity in the skin. Imagine if your skin looked years younger and you didn’t have to go under the surgical knife to get that! This is what Picosure is able to do for you.

How You’ll Look

Of course, if the collagen is stimulated, your skin will smoothen out. Blemishes will disappear. Redness will dissipate. You will look much younger, and your skin will look a whole lot cleaner. You can see the difference almost immediately.

At first, there may be some redness, and that is only natural and completely expected. But after a while, the redness will fade and you will be left with skin that is much clearer, in most cases.

How You’ll Feel

What Picosure is actually doing to the skin is triggering a damage indicator. It tells your skin that it is being damaged without actually causing damage. This means the collagen and repair cells will go into overdrive. They will try to clear up the skin, fix any problems and create new, fresh-looking cells.

Doing this without there being any damage to speak of means that old scar tissue can be replaced. It means that red spots or brown spots on the skin will look so much better.

Of course, it also means that your skin will feel raw and slightly sore for a while. You will need some time to recover from the procedure, because it is laser surgery, and that can make your skin feel tingly, easily irritated and itchy.

You might be uncomfortable while you heal, so you may want to be careful what you put on your face or how you touch your face. Your skin that ahs been treated will be sensitive, so be careful with that.

How Quickly You Will Recover

The Artisan Clinic* will take great care of you. They will make sure that you recover quickly and that there is little to no downtime for you to worry yourself over. In fact, Picosure is a treatment method that is known for having practically no downtime to speak of. You should be able to go back to work duties or do other daily tasks without any issues.

Most people walk out of the Picosure treatment and feel good enough to go back to their lives as normal. You may feel the need to take a little time off, but you will be feeling 100% in no time at all. All the sensory effects from the procedure will wear off in 1-3 hours, so you can go right back to doing what you were doing.