How Permanent Is a Nose Thread Lift?

Image by himanshu gunarathna from Pixabay 

Lots of people are talking about getting nose thread lifts these days. This popular cosmetic treatment can make the face look so much more youthful, shaving off years from your looks.

What is this procedure and how long is it supposed to last? Some cosmetic procedures only last a few weeks and others will last for years. Where do nose thread lifts fit in to that spectrum?

Face Thread Lifts Explained

So, what does this procedure entail? It involves some surgical threads that are inserted into the face and then pulled back out. It is known as a barbed suture lift as well, and it is able to lift and sculpt the face. It can be used on other parts of the body, but we’re talking about the nose lift here.

The suture threads are pulled through the skin to make your skin taut. They also help to restore collagen production in the face, which is great for elasticity and youthful looks.

It’s not very painful at all, with most people experiencing mild discomfort and minimal pain during the procedure.

The Results

The resulting look is one that you will probably love. You can read about the nose thread lift at Veritas Medical. You’ll get all the details there and see some before and after pictures that can help you determine if it might be a good choice for you. It’s a great idea to schedule a consultation and learn about how the face thread lift can help you achieve the look that you are wanting.

You may also want to talk to previous patients who have undergone the surgery. They can tell you how simple and quick it is and how happy they were with the finished results. This is a pretty easy procedure to get right, and there are few complications or risks involved most of the time.

How Long It Lasts

You might be curious about how long the procedure is good for. After all, if you go through the process and put up with the discomfort, you may wish not to go back and experience all that again anytime soon.

Face thread lifts are not designed to be permanent treatments. They will need to be repeated if you want to maintain your look. The good news is that a successful thread lift can last for as long as three years, but it can also last for as little as a single year. How long it lasts depends on a number of factors, and your initial consultation can reveal information like that to you that will help you decide whether you want to go through with this procedure and how long it might be able to last you.

The procedure does stimulate collagen growth, which creates a more elastic face and a more youthful look. So, even after the threads are no longer doing their job, the collagen in your skin may be doing its job. This is why the results can last for so long, because some people experience better collagen production as a result of the procedure.

Recovery Time

You can have this procedure performed at an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, Veritas Medical Aesthetics. It’s not going to take much time to go through the entire process. In most cases, it takes about 40 minutes to insert the threads. You will feel some discomfort, but that should pass.

The recovery time is practically nonexistent. Most people are able to resume work and other duties right away. That’s great news for anyone who just wants to fit this procedure into their busy life in an afternoon and then go back to work or whatever else.

You may experience some slight swelling or soreness for a few days after you have the surgery, but that will go away as well. The majority of people feel fine enough after they undergo nose thread lifts to resume all their duties immediately. Modern medicine has made this a simple and easy procedure with little risk to you and little cause for concern about side effects or a long recovery time. Talk to a specialist today about whether this might be a good choice for you.