Everything you need to know about CPA Exam Review Courses of 2018

Certified Public Accounts (CPA) is an exam done by students aspiring to be accountants. It is an exam done to ensure that those who will handle accounting tasks are qualified for the job. Students must then prepare adequately for this exam so that they pass well.

CPA exam review courses are all over the internet and you could be confused on which one to go for. Don’t worry about that because we’ve got you covered in our list of CPA exam review courses 2018! Below is everything you need to know about CPA exam review courses 2018.

Roger CPA Review

This course has a total of 120 hours of video lectures. Roger teaches with a lot of humor; thus, you can’t get bored. In his course, he uses mnemonics together with other memorizing tools to help students recall what they learned. He uses a software that is fully integrated with a technology known as SmoothPath which guides you on how best you can focus on your abilities.

Additionally, his course is unlimited – meaning you can always go through your lectures for as long as you want. He also makes sure he updates his program to ensure that his students are up to date. The best of all is that for only $149, you can get access to the course that has more than 10,000 practice questions. Generally, it is considered one of the best CPA exam review courses.

Wiley CPA Excel

This course is equipped with a software that tracks your progress and guides you on the areas you need to adjust. With this course, you don’t have to worry about your course expiry date; you can download the course and read it anywhere and anytime.

In addition, the course is broken down into sections of 30-40 minutes making it easier to learn. You will get access to over 12,000 multiple choice questions that will prepare you well. Sadly, there are no live classes for this course. Sounds boring now? But look, there is a 20% off student discount for any full-time or part-time student. Students who also graduated within the last 3 months will be considered.

Surgent CPA Review

In this course, you will find topics trimmed down for quick understanding – meaning you won’t waste a lot of time learning one topic. In addition, the instructors are qualified with more than 20 years of experience. Imagine of someone offering you a 5-day free trial? Yes, free trial. That’s an offer this course has before you can choose to enroll.

Yaeger CPA Review

If you are a student with no specific learning hours, this is for you. It is flexible and therefore can meet your irregular schedules too. Sadly, it is more of old-school lectures and most students may not like this. All the same, there is step by step learning and the instructors take you through a series of questions. The best of all is that there is responsive personal support that can always assist you when you are stuck.

As a student who is serious about passing a CPA exam, you need to be concerned about which best course review is available in 2018. This is just a portion of them, but they are carefully selected to meet your expectations.

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  • October 5, 2019 at 5:21 PM

    I think students need to be more aware of the costs of high priced CPA programs. For example, Roger CPA is $1900, not $149 as the article suggests.

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  • March 6, 2019 at 5:19 PM

    At Surgent CPA review (https://www.surgentcpareview.com ) we help students pass 2x faster with adaptive learning which saves approximately 400 hours with pass rate over 2x the national average

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