Every word in this poem is about you

I’m tired of loving you

I’m tired of having to walk on eggshells when I’m around you

Having to wonder if every syllable that parts my lips is gonna offend you

Having to constantly attend to you

Man I’m through with you

Go do what you wanna do

You’re so damn needy… lord knows I’ve had enough of you

You want to be respected but all you do is cry when we argue

All you do is complain about what ain’t being done for you… done to you

You’re like a spoiled little child… you don’t see a daycare do you?

What am I supposed to do with you?

It doesn’t matter what it is because it is something I no longer want to do

I just wanna be through with you

You can take your problems and your petty attitude

Get far away from me and take them with you

Cry on the next man’s shoulders… let him deal with you

Someone recently called me a hard man… I had to laugh at that too

Eventhough it might be true, if it is it’s because of you

I’ve put my life on hold just to try and please you

Nothing was ever good enough… you’re a miserable little prude

Naw that word’s not appropiate because of the things you do

You act just the opposite… I guess that would be lewd

Man I’m so tired… so so tired of you

You act like the world owes you

Like I’m supposed to collect it for you

I tried to take all the dots in your life and connect them for you

I’m not perfect at all but dammit I loved you

Yes loved you… 15 years have taken their toll on me too

I bet you can’t say that about those other dudes can you

Man forget you

I say that in lieu of a better word or two

I’m done with this poem just like I’m done with you