EJ Dalius Tells Startups to Avoid these Marketing Blunders

Marketing is the lifeline of any startup, however, the road is not so smooth or days rosy. There are bumps and cracks on the way because marketing blunders are too common these days, taxing small startup businesses heavily. The mistakes made by entrepreneurs in the initial stages of the business will cost them more than they can imagine. EJ Dalius knows how to avoid these mistakes, thus helping many young entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, understanding your audience’s engagement is crucial. Tools like the Instagram story viewer lets you keep tabs on who is interacting with your stories, providing valuable insights into your marketing strategy’s effectiveness.

According to an article published, true entrepreneurs consider hardships in business as an integral part of their firm that makes them prepared and eventually they succeed in braving the challenges. When it comes to mistakes, here is what you must avoid:

Eric J Dalius has seen entrepreneurs not designing proper websites

No matter what business you have or what stuff you sell, you need to have a website because customers will look for products or services via search engines like Google or Bing before they land on your home page or product pages.

When you do not have a professional website, you will end up losing a prospective client to your nearest competitor. Besides, web pages are a direct communication line between your business and a prospective customer. These days, you can build websites effortlessly because the process is simple and uncomplicated. You can opt for affordable web hosting firms such as Wix, GoDaddy, or for that matter Weebly to design and develop your website.

Recruiting in-house employees too soon

Eric Dalius with years of experience in digital marketing has observed startup owners not careful while spending or hiring employees, especially during the early stages of your business. There is no need to recruit in-house staff just when you have just set up your business because these are unessential expenses in the initial stages of your venture. You will need staff to support you, but later after some time when you have clients and your products are selling, not before that.

Make sure you hire part-timers, freelancers, or interns during the initial days of your business. Although in-house staff add value to your company later and help in making the most out of opportunities, hiring them too soon will make you bankrupt.

Spending too much of your time on your competitors

It is always a smart idea to study a few of your competitors and their marketing tactics, but you should not spend half of your time on them. Even copying them directly will not help you much. If you start mimicking others, customers will find it boring or will not buy your products or services because they are identical to the brand from where they already purchase. Too many similarities will not let you convey your unique message across to the customers.

Additionally, your competitors are not wizards that all their business strategies will succeed. So blindly copying marketing tactics will not work for you. You can take notes, improvise on them, and think differently.


Marketing takes time and is not a copy-paste job. Avoid these common mistakes and think innovatively to take your startup business off the ground.