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Dr. Abeer Fahim: Professor, Author, and Social Media Star

An academic and author with a large follower base on social media,  Dr. Abeer Fahim’s popularity was fueled by the positive impact of her words. Dr. Fahim is an Assistant Professor of English at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, Institute of Applied Technology in the United Arab Emirates, who is passionate about sharing her love for literature on social media. With over 170,000 followers on various social media platforms, it is safe to say that Dr. Fahim has a vast reach.


She received her MA in English Literary Studies from Durham University, England in 2006 and a Ph.D. in American Literature, also from Durham University, in 2012.  Dr. Fahim is also a TEDx speaker. She presented a talk titled, “Reading and the Narratives of Life,” on the relationship between literature and empathy.

“I’m fascinated by how literary narrative can help people develop empathy for others,” she explains. “I am currently focused on how this relationship between literature and empathy can be especially useful in the medical field.”

In the summer of 2017, she was a Visiting Scholar at St. John’s College, Oxford University. During her time at Oxford, she worked on her research project on narrative medicine and postmodern American fiction. She is specifically focused on the field of the medical humanities and has presented papers on the intersection of medicine and literature at many conferences around the world. Some of the conference venues include Oxford University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and Durham University.

Social Media

Dr. Abeer Fahim is an astounding individual, who I must add, is the founder and owner of an online inspirational platform titled “Juliet Turns the Page”. The aim of this platform is to inspire women through literature and has over 147,000 followers. Her own writing, which she posts on the platform, is widely shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You will even find her quotes on people’s social media bios and quoted in women’s organizations’ pages.

Not many intellectuals make the time to inspire others through mere generosity. The fact that she came up with the idea and took initiative to create a platform of this nature— for the purpose of helping others— is a symbol of the type of person she is.

Moreover, In 2019 Dr. Fahim’s first novel, Her Seven Days in Bali, was published. Women around the world have talked about the impact that this novel has had on their journeys of letting go and starting new chapters in their lives. A reader mentions in a review of the book: “I just wish I could adequately express how much I appreciated every single word in this book. I will surely read it again.”

Dr. Abeer Fahim (Courtesy photo)

When asked about the inspiration behind her novel, Dr. Fahim says, “I wanted to write a book that would be relatable—something fictional but that also contains heartfelt thoughts on letting go, closure, and starting over. When I see quotes from my book being shared on social media by women who feel moved or inspired by its words, it makes me truly happy. “

What is particularly notable is that Dr. Fahim shared her novel (for free) with thousands of women around the world before its publication. “I had subscribers who were reading the book as I wrote it. It was an incredible experience! I would share each chapter as soon as I was finished writing it.”

She is a feminine phenomenon; an inspiring woman, who no one can doubt creates a positive domino effect with all of her words of wisdom.

On her feelings about her social media success, Dr. Fahim expresses gratitude: “I feel honored that so many women around the world have become part of my writing journey and have allowed me to become part of their journeys as well. It is a dream come true.”

This is a poem that was especially popular on her social media accounts:


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