Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Getting Workers’ Compensation

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Studies have shown that more than one in ten US employees wouldn’t make a claim through a workers’ compensation program for fear of retaliation later.

This shocking study from emphasizes how American workers don’t feel comfortable in exercising their rights.

Your Rights and Your Entitlements

Workers’ compensation is a program that pays 100% of all medical bills related to injuries incurred at an employer’s place of business. It even pays out regularly for care costs following permanent and total disability. Plus, it also has a range of death benefits.

However, so many of the 135.6 million employees covered by these programs are scared to make a claim.

Despite being illegal for employers to take retaliatory action, workers’ rights are relatively poor in many states, so it’s easy for vindictive employers to take revenge if they like.

Steve’s Story

One such person who strongly believes in taking advantage of employment rights is lawyer Steven Benvenisti. In addition to serving as a lawyer, Steven is also a keynote and motivational speaker in New Jersey and out of state.

He addresses major medical associations and universities on the importance of how the legal industry can support people who need help after getting injured.

Many of the cases Steven focuses on involve employees who were seriously injured at work but are too scared to make a claim for fear of their employer taking retaliatory action.

“I Don’t Know How My Employer Would React.”

Steven says, “Workers’ compensation must be claimed two years after the initial incident, otherwise the statute of limitations expires. This means many employees don’t get the compensation they deserve and have to handle their own medical bills.”

Steven himself was seriously injured by a drunk driver in Florida, six weeks before graduating, so he understands the importance of getting support with considerable medical bills.

To many employees, they’re scared of claiming because they don’t know how their employer is going to react. They fear isolation within the workplace, being passed over for promotion, and even getting fired.

What’s the Best Way Employees Can Get Help with Workers’ Compensation?

An increasing level of exposure is being shined on the issue of employees not claiming the compensation they’re entitled to.

The best way workers can protect themselves is by hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. You can find out how to do this here:

A workers’ compensation attorney isn’t just there to help employees claim compensation but to defend them against any action taken by their employer. The law states that it’s illegal to retrospectively punish an employee because they took advantage of the workers’ compensation program.

This is why lawyers from all over the country are strongly recommending employees always keep in contact with a specialist lawyer.

Although it’s unlikely that any employer would knowingly break the law by taking action, the services of a dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer can act as an extra layer of protection going forward.

Lawyers are more affordable than ever, so workers have more choices than ever before.