Discover How Jeremy Wyeth Schulman Can Make An Impact on With His Legal Expertise

Jeremy Schulman is a highly successful lawyer and a founding member of Schulman Bhattacharya. He has an extensive background in complex commercial litigation matters, international and domestic arbitration, internal investigations, and corporate counseling.

Mr. Schulman’s knowledge and experience make him an ideal candidate to contribute to legal affairs in myriad ways. In this article, we will explore the various ways that Jeremy Schulman can contribute to legal affairs both inside and outside of courtrooms.

Jeremy Schulman (Courtesy photo)

Experience in Complex Commercial Litigation Matters

One of the primary areas where Jeremy Wyeth Schulman can contribute to legal affairs is through his experience in complex commercial litigation matters. Mr. Schulman has handled a number of high-profile cases involving major foreign and domestic financial institutions, insurance companies, trading concerns, media companies, and more.

His vast knowledge of the legal system allows him to provide invaluable insight into any case he works on. This makes him an invaluable asset when it comes to handling any type of complicated or high-stakes litigation matter.

Expertise in International and Domestic Arbitration

Jeremy Wyeth Schulman also has considerable expertise in international and domestic arbitration. He has navigated many disputes between parties located all over the world with great success. His ability to understand different cultures and laws makes him particularly well-suited for resolving conflicts between parties located far apart from one another.

With his help, parties are able to come together faster while avoiding long, drawn-out court proceedings that may cause further delays or complications down the road.

Knowledge in Internal Investigations

Another area where Mr. Schulman can contribute to legal affairs is through his experience with internal investigations. His solid understanding of corporate governance allows him to quickly identify potential issues within organizations that need further investigation or scrutiny from outside sources such as government agencies or law enforcement personnel.

He can also advise corporate executives on how best to proceed when faced with an internal investigation so that they can protect their interests while still complying with relevant regulations.

Corporate Counseling Skills

Finally, Jeremy Schulman offers valuable insight when it comes to corporate counseling services as well. He understands the complexities involved with running a business and can provide sound advice on how best to navigate these issues while staying compliant with all applicable laws at both local and federal levels.

His experience allows him to anticipate potential pitfalls before they arise so that clients can take proactive steps toward avoiding them altogether. Additionally, his corporate counseling skills are useful when it comes time for businesses to negotiate contracts or other agreements, as he knows how best terms should be worded so as not to protect everyone involved.

Jeremy Wyeth Schulman is an experienced lawyer who brings a wealth of knowledge in complex commercial litigation matters, international/domestic arbitration, internal investigations, and corporate counseling services. His expertise allows him to assist clients both inside and outside of courtrooms, providing invaluable insight, which saves time, money, and energy for those who seek his assistance.

Thanks to his unique blend of knowledge, skill set, and experience, he is able to provide valuable contributions which benefit businesses seeking legal advice or representation. It’s clear why Jeremy Wyeth Schulman continues to remain a highly sought-after attorney by those looking for assistance navigating various legal affairs.

His Notable Works

Jeremy Schulman has recently been involved in several noteworthy matters. Schulman is representing the Federal Republic of Somalia in various cases, including an investigation into financial corruption claims made by the United Nations Monitoring Group for Somalia and Eritrea. He is representing a director of a U.K.-based oil company and an official from Somalia concerning terrorism allegations put forward by the same monitoring group. These cases demonstrate Schulman’s impressive capabilities in high-profile international legal matters.

Jeremy Schulman’s impressive list of clients has brought him noteworthy legal matters recently. His representation of the same company and the inventor of a successful medical food product in federal court litigation show that this is only the beginning for him.

He also represents a celebrity chef concerning ownership of successful restaurant ventures, a minority ownership group in regards to the sale of $150 million office building in Washington D.C., and a putative seller of an Orlando apartment complex. With such a collection of complex cases, Schulman continues to move forward toward success.

Jeremy Schulman has had his hands full recently, being trusted with matters pertaining to some of the most notable names in real estate. His recent engagements have seen him representing a large minority partner in the litigation and pre-litigation disputes concerning various properties, including shopping malls, apartment complexes, and raw land throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

He was responsible for representing a renowned real estate developer relating to their interest in an impressive $106 million office building and contiguous property located within the same geographic location. Furthermore, he consulted for a New York-based company when it came to various disputes with a prominent hotel management company pertaining to properties based in both Florida as well as Puerto Rico.

Last but not least, Schulman was asked to handle arbitration between an owner of a Downtown Washington hotel and the aforementioned major hotel management company in relation to a proposed hotel project. Clearly, Jeremy is doing his job very well on behalf of his clients.

Jeremy Schulman is an accomplished attorney and pride himself on finding the most efficient and effective resolution for his clients. His expertise and success in dispute resolution come from his impressive creativity and willingness to mediate or negotiate with adversaries.

When necessary, he draws upon vast trial experience to move matters lying within the court’s control, including taking cases before both non-jury and jury trials. His dedication to excellence makes him highly sought after.


It’s evident why Jeremy Schulman remains such a sought-after attorney by those looking for assistance navigating various legal affairs – he’s knowledgeable about complex commercial litigation matters, experienced in international/domestic arbitration proceedings, understands the ins and outs of conducting internal investigations effectively, plus provides sound guidance regarding corporate counseling services too!

Ultimately by leveraging his unique blend of skillset & expertise, he continues delivering value & positive outcomes, whether it be through representing clients directly or providing consultation on certain strategic decisions – making Mr. Schulman an invaluable resource for anyone looking for reliable legal advice & representation!