Championing Workplace Safety With Modern Tech

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In the time you took to open an email or sip your morning coffee, another worker was injured on the job. According to the National Safety Council, every seven seconds, a worker is injured in the workplace. While workplace injuries tend to make headlines in the most extreme cases, there are many instances of wear and tear that we do not fully address. Sure, you may have heard of devastating explosions and ‘newsworthy’ occasions, but did you know that your own workers are suffering right under your nose? Workplace injuries have a number of root causes. Overexertion, the effect of repetitive activities (lifting, lowering, etc.) accounts for the majority of workplace injuries. This is then followed by interferences with workplace equipment along with slips and falls on the job. All of these events lead to even greater consequences down the line. Not only are workers suffering physically, but their finances are also suffering too as they must carry the weight of piling medical bills and smaller paychecks due to the time off. It’s a vicious cycle and while our organizations are doing their best to heal various pain points in the workplace, we often lack the tools and knowledge to prevent workplace injury effectively.

Challenge Leadership

A great place to start is by challenging the way we lead workplace safety today. As a leader, our ultimate mission is to make decisions for the greater good of our employees. The problem is, we don’t always have the clarity to make the right choices. Traditional ergonomic assessments are available to us. Although, they do not paint the full picture of our worker’s day-to-day reality. We are then left to our own subjectivity, playing the guessing game with our worker’s health and personal safety. Luckily, modern technology can help to change that. Cue dorsaVi. DorsaVi is a smart motion sensor technology. It is a wearable much like the FitBit band you may use to track your daily steps. And like FitBit, it is easy to use and easy to stay informed every step of the way.

Leverage the Power of Health Tech

DorsaVi isn’t just a shiny new gadget. It is also an emblem of modern healthcare, fusing personal health with sophisticated technology. The technology utilizes two types of sensors. One is for movement and the other is for muscle activity. The tool also combines biomechanical instruments that measure human movement with medical grade insight. The FDA cleared technology looks within to understand the interworking of a worker’s movement and activity each day. It also looks outside, capturing video content to identify risk factors in the exterior environment as well.

What are some of the postures that put my workers at risk? What are the repetitive activities that create strain day after day? How could training be improved to honor my workers’ safety? What tools could be used to prevent injury on the job? These are some of the questions that dorsaVi can answer for you and in the most convenient way possible. DorsaVi’s myViSafe™ solution includes four mini-sensors, a phone application, and a simple dashboard where supervisors and managers can view and analyze consolidated data.

Enhance Engagement On Every Level

For Megan Connell, Chief Marketing Officer, this results in an extra layer of engagement that motivates both leadership and the workers, themselves “There is an ever-growing appetite for personal performance data, and the use of dorsaVi products in both the clinical market and workplace market is really resonating with the individuals who are being assessed. Seeing their personal movement data in an easy to understand graphic format brings about greater compliance to prescribed treatment programs or manual handling guidelines,” she says.

It’s no wonder the technology has been used by leading businesses across the world. On its global journey, dorsaVi wears many hats, identifying movement risks, compelling policy decisions, and informing guidelines for effective training and handling procedures. The wearable technology is the product of brothers Andrew and Dan Ronchi, a duo on the mission to carve out an untapped market in wearable tech. Joining the ranks of the NBS, NFL, MLS, and NHL, it looks as though they have succeeded. DorsaVi counts hundreds of elite sporting teams as customers along with numerous Physical Therapy clinics and workplace consumers. A frontrunner in technology and in health, businesses can count on dorsaVi to enhance workplace safety. And with modern technology on your team, you just might win the game in workplace safety.

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