CBD Oil: Why Is Everyone Using It?

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Over the last few years, CBD has become increasingly popular and mainstream. CBD comes from the cannabis or hemp plant and is known to have similar benefits to THC (the compound in marijuana that is psychoactive) but without the high. What’s unique about CBD is that it’s much more applicable to the everyday person who’s looking for relief but not in the mood to get high. Benefits of CBD are very extensive. There are benefits related to pain relief, benefits on the brain, and even autoimmune disorders. But what else is CBD beneficial for and why do people use it?

Sleep Disorders

If you’re someone that has issues sleeping we both have something in common. It’s awful not being able to go to sleep at night and equally awful waking up in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep. Lack of sleep makes it hard to be productive and even happy in your everyday life. Stress and anxiety are the main causes of insomnia and CBD is a viable solution for helping calm the body and getting a good night’s sleep. Full Spectrum CBD, which includes oil extracted from all components of the plant, is known to have effective results on many people helping them fall asleep and get a solid deep sleep throughout the night.

Anxiety And Depression

When the body lacks serotonin it can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. There are even studies that link inflammation with anxiety. Doctors typically prescribe dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that can have addicting and devastating side effects. One reason people turn to CBD for anxiety is that it helps boost serotonin in the body naturally. If you’re someone who has smoked marijuana and don’t like it because it makes you nervous or anxious then you’ll want to keep in mind that CBD does not work on reasons people are using CBD are to alleviate from social anxiety, chronic stress, high blood pressure, panic attacks, and more.

Where am I supposed to Buy CBD?

There are tons of resources that can help you choose where to buy CBD. I found a site called CBD Nerds that review brands and also has customer reviews. I chose to purchase some CBD oil from Endoca and was able to get a discount with an Endoca coupon code. My experience with them has been good but I would warn beginners to avoid the raw hemp oils because they don’t taste good. Do your research when choosing where to buy CBD. Don’t pick brands that make medical claims and don’t pick a CBD product that isn’t 3rd party lab tested. One other big red flag is a company that offers free trial bottles. These are typically companies that sell cheaply made CBD and often come from China. Pick brands that grow their help sustainably and preferably in the USA.

Keep in mind, the FDA hasn’t approved of any medical claims related to CBD but many users swear by them. Reddit is a great resource to learn more. If you’re someone who suffers from sleep disorders or anxiety give this stuff a shot.

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