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Byfne Swimsuits: Sexy but unique

With swimsuit season in effect, I am sure everyone is in search of that perfect swimsuit. Well, l’m here to help you out ladies, you can thank me later.

I could have focused my blog and written about Bfyne’s 2017 swimwear that has social media in a frenzy, but I needed answers, I wanted to speak to the source, the mastermind behind Bfyne, the woman who has social media going crazy.

So when I was given the opportunity to speak with Nigerian swimsuit designer Buki Ade, I had to ask her, ‘how did she come up with a collection of swimsuits that’s a grand slam for the swimsuit industry?’

‘I wanted to step outside the box, create something cohesive, sexy, but unique,’ she said.

And just like that, it is her 2017 swimsuit collection that has social media buzzing and freaking out. The 2017 swimsuit collection showcases 3 different types of swimsuits: Sahara, Empire, and The Phoenix all hand-sewn, in which Buki states, ‘she wanted each swimsuit to represent her Nigerian heritage as she is of Yoruba culture and carry a little piece of her when being made.’

Already featured in major magazines such as Glamour, Sports Illustrated, and Vogue the 2017 Bfyne swimsuit collection is compelled of bold luminous colors, with timeless patterns and designs that can currently be purchase on her online store

Although shopping online can be a hit or miss if you’re worried about how the bathing suits fits, no worries ladies I did ask about fit because everyone is shaped differently. According to Buki the swimsuits are true to size, if you are unsure about your size you can contact Byfne and a representative will help you out when trying to pick your swimwear. I did explain to her she is redefining the swimsuit industry & making many of us return to the gym.

The future for Bfyne is huge as the designer’s goal is to make Bfyne a household name not just in swimwear but in women and men attire.

There you have it ladies a swimsuit show stopper that is guaranteed to turn heads left and right, the moment you walk in a room or near a pool. You’re Welcome.

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