Bottled Sorrow

Dark shadowy existence from another plane

And like a shadow he follows the every move of your frame

Chases your soul; subliminal torture for the sane

Destroys the innocent and the guilty; to him it’s all the same


Hunts you down and when he finds you he brings the pain

Exacts his revenge for falling victim to his game

And when you’ve had enough is when he brings the rain

Drowning in your sorrows was his very aim


Finds them at an early age; he finds them easier to train

Introduces them to the game and he is their sage

There’s a certain way he entertains the mundane

For those that try to escape his cage, he releases his rage


Lost souls find solace in him, they let him destroy their brains

And once he’s in their brains, he’s sooo sooo hard to tame

And once he’s done with their brains, it’s their souls he drains

Lost forever in time and space, with no one but themselves to blame 


(Photo by Erik Hoffman)