Biden MUST support ending the filibuster

To the Editor:

We understand that Congress has been busy. Between massive infrastructure bills and making sure the government is funded, our senators have been handling a lot of legislation. But it’s crazy to me that massive infrastructure legislation can pass through with a simple majority vote, one that isn’t subjected to the filibuster.

If 50 votes is enough to give lifetime appointments to Supreme Court Justices, appoint cabinet officials, and pass trillions of dollars in critical infrastructure spending, then it should be enough to protect our freedom to vote. We need Congress to pass comprehensive voting rights reform and we need Biden to step up and put pressure on the Senate to do so by publicly supporting an end to the filibuster. Biden’s stated support for voting rights reform simply isn’t enough.

President Biden, for the sake of my right to vote and the progressive agenda we elected you to enact, urge the Senate to abolish the filibuster!


Jonathan Brinning

Laurel, Md