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In the last decade, one of the most significant eSports games is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Because of its popularity, the game has seen a huge growth in betting.

What is Counter-Strike?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO, is a multiplayer FPS (First-Person Shooter). The game revolves around the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists batting each other. The match is played for 30 rounds. The first team to win 16 rounds will be the winner of the match.

A team must kill each member of the opposing team in order to earn a point and win a round. Aside from that, a team can also win a round by completing various objectives on the map.

For instance, there are map types called “Bomb Defusal”. In this mode, the Terrorist team needs to plant a C4 bomb and ensure that it blows before the time runs out. On the other hand, the Counter-Terrorist team must prevent the C4 from being planted. However, if the Terrorist successfully planted the bomb, they have to defuse it before the timer runs out.

How Do You Bet on Counter-Strike?

Betting in CS:GO is almost similar to mainstream team-based sports betting, given the structure of the game. One team will play against another team in a win-lose-draw scenario. Thus, the betting works in the same method.

You can wager on the outcome of the match (which team will win the game). This is also called the Money Line. The odds on offer indicate the observed strength of the team based on situational factors and the team’s win-loss record. Your winnings are just the odds multiplied by your stake.

Also, you can bet on the winner of every map as well as the overall winner of the match since a single match is made up of several maps. The odds for betting on Counter-Strike maps might not reflect always the odds of winning the entire match since maps vary and teams are better on several maps than others.

What Counter-Strike Tournaments are Offered For Betting?

A lot of online betting websites offer betting for every major tournament of the game. This includes ELEAGUE, ECS, ESEA seasons, FACEIT, SLTV StarSeries, Dreamhack, ESL One, and PGL Major. You can also bet on regular offline and online events.

Forms of Bets on CS:GO eSports

Straight wins are the most well-known bets for Counter-Strike for almost all sportsbooks and bettors. However, to get the best of their money, there’s a wide variety of other available betting markets that you can make the most of.

  1. Group of Winner – You are placing a wager on the group which covers the champion of the whole tournament.
  2. Draw – You’re placing a wager on whether the result of the match is a draw.
  3. Group Winner – If teams are organized in groups, you’re placing a wage on the winning group of the certain tournament.
  4. Handicap Bet – You’re placing a wager on whether the team with the handicap disadvantage or advantage wins. For instance, you put a wager on X Team. X Team has a 4 round advantage against Y Team. The overall score is 13 – 16. Y Team wins the match. However, since X Team has a handicap advantage of 4 rounds, the adjusted score is 17 – 16. This means that X Team wins.

Special Types of Bets in CS:GO

In CS:GO, there are also available special forms of betting markets. Here are some of them.

  1. Map Betting –You’re putting a wager on the team that has the greatest performance on the map being played on, like Mirage or Dust2.
  2. First Blood – You are putting a wager on the team who will score the first kill of the match.
  3. Top Fragger –You are betting on a player who will score the highest at the end of the match.
  4. Pistol Round/Knife Round –When available, you’re placing a wager on the ones who will score first during the Knife Round.

Online Casino Sites and Sportsbooks to Bet on CS:GO

There are a lot of great online betting sites to choose from. However, you need to look for a website that is reliable. If you simply want to keep things simple, any online betting site will work, my suggestion is to look at the new casinos that is continuously popping up, especially in the UK, for example here:

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