Best Kitchen Faucet Brands: The 7 Names You Can’t Ignore

In the middle of a kitchen renovation, getting a decent, nice looking faucet is often one of the top priorities. Whether it’s about reflecting your taste or creating a convenient kitchen space, your safest bet is to pick your faucets from one of the best kitchen faucet brands on the market.

Nowadays, kitchen faucets are available in numerous designs, and divided into different types of handles, holes, and sprayer styles. Getting a quality kitchen faucet becomes a lot more time-consuming than it used to be, as is always the case when we are exposed to so many options.

Before jumping in the world of faucets, a “roll-call” of the best kitchen faucet brands in the market might be a good start for you.

The first must-mentioned faucet brand should be no other than Delta. Being a major-league kitchen fixture brand in America with a long history of development and achievement, Delta possesses years of knowledge and dedication.

Attractive, fancy and bold designs have been the signature of Delta’s faucet, making it befitting for any kitchen. Multiple spray modes and automatic control on water temperature and water pressure are also their strong points.

Come along with their indisputable reputation are numerous awards gained thanks to their innovations and attitude towards advancement. The brand is also regarded by prestigious institutions, including The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Edison Universe.


Competing with Delta for the top position in the best brand list is Moen. With a history of more than 75 years, Moen has been a top choice for many homeowners when it comes to an influential brand with consistent quality over time.

Moen’s goal has been focusing on customer needs and making their insights the center of almost every faucet collection. Moen’s products are made befitting for both professionals and householders by blending the vintage design with modern technologies and new features. Hence, their ratings have been solidly high for decades.


Dependable commercial faucets with versatility and efficiency are what people talk most about Kraus. Their signature residential look and durable design are inspired by combining modern utility technologies with long-lasting components.

Kraus’s sophisticated products are in various styles, in which, diversity and the ability to meet diverse customer demands are what can be recognized the most. The consistency in quality, convenience, and effectiveness that Kraus provides can also be told apart between different price points.

For faucets at the low-tier, Kraus still ensures comfortability at affordable prices, but plastic components used in these collections might not carry out the expected durability.


Kitchen faucet collections coming from Kohler are of innovations. Bold, vintage, and aesthetic designs are what set Kohler products apart from others.

Kohler’s ratings have been on the top in the industry for long. Their products focus the most in reducing your kitchen chores, giving you extra time to have your life well spent.

To list out some of their superior features: magnetic hose retraction, multiple spray modes, and adjustable hose length. However, their wide range of series and finish options might take you some time to look over, especially when you’re new at refurbishing your house.

American Standard

American Standard is an international faucet brand that has been well-known for affordable prices and outstanding performances in corresponding.

Throughout many product series, they’ve shown their style in heavy-duty faucets, mostly aimed for domestic use with long-lasting requirements. The brand also provides professional installation for their products and other fixtures.

American Standard offers classic aesthetics designs, where even small details are paid attention to. Whether it’s traditional or modern models, you’ll find plenty of faucet styles to choose from: gooseneck or straight neck, pull-out hose or side-spray, touchless or with-handles.

The finish types of American Standard faucets are not so diverse. Stainless steel and chrome can be found in most products, but other finish options such as bronze or nickel are limited.


Another global brand that’s a representative for beautiful designs and innovative features to enhance the interior of any kitchen is Pfister.

With Pfister, you can find a wide assortment of styles and fashionable fixtures with reliably manufactured faucets. The brand gained reputation over time by having the broadest range of faucets in the market, come along are fantastic values, and most of them are in mid-range prices. Their faucets are available in both affordable and premium collections, making it easier for any budget you may be having.

Pfister also covers excellent customer service and a lifetime warranty for any personal application.


Coming to the market as a relatively new faucet brand with quite stylish designs, WEWE has been making their way to commercial kitchens.

The brand is identified the most for products with a sleek and simple appearance. Simultaneously, steady streams, flexible controls on the water flow and pressure are worth taking into consideration. If you’re remodeling a multitask kitchen space, easy-to-install faucets from WEWE might be what you’re looking for, since flexibility is their most prominent feature.

WEWE might not be one of the oldest or most exquisite, but it sure is one of the best kitchen faucet brands on the market in terms of price-value balance.