Moen vs Delta Kitchen Faucet: Which is the Best?

Finding a reliable company that you can trust for all your kitchen faucet needs can be a daunting task. Plus, there are numerous companies producing kitchen faucets. So, making the right decision can be tricky—especially if you are a first-timer. Even worse, getting an untrustworthy company can be frustrating. That’ why it’s best to know all the information regarding the best companies, their products, and customer support. The following article is all about the most dominant faucet brands and how to choose the best one for your needs.

But first things first.

Why Moen and Delta?

Moen and Delta are the leading manufacturers of quality best rated kitchen faucets. With these two companies, you are sure of getting quality products that match your needs. So, if you are looking for the best faucet products, think in terms of Moen and Delta.

The Comparison


Moen has four basic shades while its Delta counterpart comes with 4 basic shades plus ten altered shades. Moen products are manufactured with spot and fingerprint resistance technology. On the other hand, Delta products feature a tarnish, stain, odor, as well as scratch technology.

Hands-Free Innovation

Moen kitchen faucets come with a complete touchless experience—making it one of the best products you can purchase on the market today. With Delta, a minor touch is required.

Spray Off Food

Moen kitchen faucets have a strong force. However, you experience less splash. Plus, you use less water. On the other hand, Delta has a water shield that prevents splatters. With Delta faucets, you might have to use more water.


Almost all faucets from the two companies come with a variety of finish options. They include the 3 most standards—i.e. chrome, bronze, as well as matte black. Delta and Moen have individual signature strain and scratch based resistance technology. It’s important to note that, with Delta, you have more choices of color. This gives you more choices when it comes to collections.

So, if you are looking for a faucet that can complement the cleanliness of your kitchen–then consider buying based on finish quality.

Moen: Featuring Spot Resist™

In addition to chrome, bronze, as well as matte black—you can choose to get a product from Moen featuring the exclusive finish technology.  This technology—which is common in Stainless plus Brushed nickel finishes—prevents water spots as well as fingerprints. With this technology, you save a lot of time you could have spent on cleaning them. Plus, there is no much build up if you are not in a position to clean them.

Delta: Brilliance® plus the SpotShield® Finishes

The kitchen fixture market is dominated by the two major brands—Delta and Moen. With Delta, expect kitchen faucets featuring unique technology that keeps them free from strain.

In particular, Delta uses Brilliance® technology on the finishes. With this technology, kitchen faucets are prevented from discoloration as well as tarnishing. Plus, the technology has been tested and makes the faucets scratch-free from things like steel wool-based scouring.

Even more, Delta employs the SpotShield® technology (antimicrobial protection) that is effective in reducing strain plus odor. This makes your faucets spotless and long-lasting. The good thing is that these two features can be found in all Delta collections.

Delta vs Moen: The Utility Technology

When it comes to utility technology, both brands score impressively. There is an assortment of faucet models in both companies. So, whether you are looking for a pull-out, pull-down, 2-handle based designs—you have a solution in these two leading faucet manufacturing brands.

Touchless makes it Cleanest

You know how it can be annoying when it comes to turning the water on and off using those stuff-coating hands of yours, right? Plus, cleaning the handle can be a nightmare. Fortunately, the Touch2o® from Delta enables you to use any part of the body to touch and control the flow of the faucet.

However, if touching the faucet isn’t your thing, then you have a solution in the MotionSense™. With this technology, you have the pleasure of using your faucet in your kitchen without much hassle.  When activating the water, you are required to go near the sensor and wave above the neck of the faucet. Alternatively, position the hands in the faucet’s base.

Cleansing Sprays

Annoyed with those food stains requiring soaking or scrubbing? Well, Delta has a solution for you. With the ShieldSpray™, you are able to use a water jet to remove anything that sticks into your dishes. Even more, there is a water shield that prevents splashing. Also, Power Clean technology takes care of food remains. The technology uses less water—making it an ideal solution for those looking to save on water bills.

Customer Service


Moen has a strong customer communication desk that takes care of all customer queries. They deal with their customers in a diligent manner. However, before purchasing any Moen products, look at the customer reviews. They will give you a clear picture of what to expect. But overall, Moen is a reputable company that has delivered many promises.


Delta, like Moen, manufactures some of the best kitchen faucets in the world. They use superior technology and their customer service is effective. But it’s also good to visit online customer reviews to hear what other customers are saying about their products. But overall, they score highly when it comes to deliverables.

The Bottom-Line

Moen and Delta dominate the market when it comes to the manufacture of kitchen faucet products. Both companies use distinctive technologies—just to make their products effective. However, before choosing any product, it’s good to evaluate your explicit needs. Which technology do you prefer? What features are you looking for? These are the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a kitchen faucet from either brand. But overall, the two brands are recommendable. So, the best thing to do is evaluate your needs before choosing a product from any brand. And most important, read online customer reviews. They’ll give you insights on what you expect.