Best GoPro Accessories and Mounts for Sharing Your Unique Travel Adventures

When it comes to the best adventure camera, you have to consider GoPro. The camera is very versatile. You can use it for undersea adventures, land exploits, and sky escapades.

To maximize the GoPro’s shooting capabilities, you need the best accessories. You also need mounts to help you stabilize the camera when shooting images in the outdoors. They enable you to shoot high-quality and smooth adventure pictures that you can share with your family and friends.

Top 5 Accessories

1. Power Bank

When you are in the middle of nowhere taking photos or videos continuously, it’s likely that the GoPro battery will run out of charge. You need a reliable power bank to charge it as you continue shooting.

2. GoPro Power Vault

This is an amazing multi-purpose storage kit. You can use it to keep your GoPro camera and portable accessories. The power vault features a USB outlet that you can use to charge your GoPro or smartphone conveniently.

3. Anti-Fog Inserts

If you are going for an undersea exploit, you need to protect your GoPro from the water. Anti-fog inserts are designed to serve this purpose and are a must-pack.

4. GoPro Safety Leash

Considering that a GoPro cost $300-$400, you cannot afford to lose or break it. You need a safety leash to help you secure it to your body when on an adventure.

5. GoPro Filters

The GoPro filters are a necessity if you want to shoot vibrant and sharp images. They allow you to also visualize the outdoor landscape clearly. They help to maintain the color of the original image.

The Top 5 Mounts

1. GoPro Gimbal

A GoPro gimbal is a necessity if you want to shoot steady images in the outdoors. Whether you are recording footage on land or under the sea and it happen that there are vibrations, the gimbal will stabilize your camera to guarantee smooth shots. Make sure to find the best gimbal for your GoPro among many of them available. Usually people don’t purchase one because of the high price but once you get one you will definitely love it.

2. GoPro Strap Mount

This accessory is ideal for the Hero 3 and Hero 4 Go Pro devices. It comes with a back strap that allows you to attach your GoPro to your backpack. There is also a wrist strap in case you want to hold the GoPro firmly on your hand.

3. GoPro Sticky Mount

A sticky mount is a must-buy because it allows you to attach your GoPro virtually anywhere. You can mount it on your kayak, on the bike, on your car’s window, or on your helmet.

4. GoPro Power Pole

This mount not only supports your camera but it also allows you to charge it as you record. It’s handy, especially on the roads since it allows you to do two things at once.

5. GoPro Tripod Mount

A tripod mount allows you to attach your GoPro camera to a tripod stand. Just like the gimbal, the accessory helps you achieve smooth images.

There is no doubt that you need more than a GoPro camera to shoot quality images. With the above accessories and mounts, shooting using a GoPro becomes fun and professional at the same time. So, the above items are a must-pack in your travel arsenal when going for an outdoor photography or videography exploit.