Beautiful surroundings enhance a healthy walk

The goal is movement to gain and maintain great health and healthy weight, but that in no way means it can’t also be truly spectacular and thoroughly enjoyable. Late one afternoon our family had taken up temporary residence in the beautiful San Diego Sheraton Hotel and Marina situated, as its name implies, right on a large marina filled with dozens of luxury yachts and directly across from the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Ocean Sunset
Pacific Ocean Sunset

My wife and daughter wanted to rest and I wanted to walk so they curled up and I headed out. Leaving through the main entrance to the hotel I walked out the front entry way and on to Harbor Island Drive before turning left and walking a short distance to Harbor Drive. Turning right on Harbor Drive my goal was a little restaurant directly in front of the Wyndham San Diego Hotel a mere 2.2 miles away.

At first I enjoyed the view of air traffic flying in and out of the San Diego Airport on my left and the beautiful San Diego Harbor area on my right. The first major nautical attraction was the U. S. Coast Guard facility off of my starboard side. The sun was beginning to set across the big blue Pacific Ocean and as my walk continued my eyes were treated to a vast display of dazzling yachts and many more modest vessels in the harbor directly to my right.

San Diego Bay
San Diego Bay

Gradually I came upon the dock from where the Hornblower cruises launched. This evening they were just getting ready for a three-hour dinner cruise. Yes I was tempted but my goal was to walk not float and bloat so on I went.

To my left the busy San Diego Airport has been replaced by the far more serene Waterfront Park. Next up on the right was the Maritime Museum followed immediately by the beautiful Star of India sailing ship. Finally my dining destination was nearby and across the street and so I had to move just a wee bit away from the sea but its full majesty and beauty remained in plain view.

Gangway from the shore to the docks in the marina.
Gangway from the shore to the docks in the marina.

It was an absolutely refreshing and extremely enjoyable mini-hike; a mere 2.2 miles from the front door of the Sheraton Hotel to a little café where I enjoyed a modest meal before returning to the hotel on the same route. All in all I walked on this one trip 4.4 miles burning off 440 calories along the way, more than my snack added so it was a win in every way.

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And by the way upon returning to the hotel my wife and daughter were fully refreshed and so the three of us went for an evening stroll around the hotel property and its marina and then a little beyond exploring and completely enjoying the moment, all while continuing to burn off those calories. All in all I walked about ten miles that day consuming one thousand calories all while being totally immersed in the surrounding beauty and enjoying very much being with my wife and daughter.

Now I realize not everyone has easy access to San Diego, California but it really doesn’t much matter where you live so long as it is outside of a war zone, if you put your mind to it I am positive you can find all manner of areas virtually anywhere on earth that allow the duel benefit of enjoying the sights while burning off those calories. Great joy and great health actually work very well together. So stop reading this and get up and take a hike.

Tell your walking tale and win a book

Star of India
Star of India

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