Baltimore murals and street art created in 2019

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Baltimore is home to some of the finest muralist and street artists in the United States and specifically known for its Graffiti Alley where lots of graffiti artists are welcome to come spray their art without fear of prosecution. Baltimore has had a long history of support for graffiti artists as well such as its “The Beautiful Walls” project that began in 1975, since then the city has been known for the dozens of sponsored graffiti walls as well as some of the illegal ones.

The history, its people and its hopes for the future are reflected in the mural work of these outstanding artists. In addition to this as more and more people bring their talent for art to the streets there is simultaneously an arms race going on between the different companies that are innovating in products such as graffiti markers like Bombing Science for the aspiring graffiti artists.  Here are some of the best street art pieces from Baltimore in 2019.


This pacman ghost is a good place to introduce the varied styles and cultural influences that are felt in the graffiti of Baltimore and those varied influences all exist in the work of m1ke63, his instagram covers everything from simple throws to public works with political messages behind them.


This local piece done by iandryrex was done for a bank, in support of local black businesses in Baltimore city. The community coming together to support one another effort is a cornerstone of the Baltimore art scene.


This beautiful Edgar Allan Poe piece by deadpiratewestley is an example of how Baltimore takes pride in the historical figures with ties to Baltimore.  


Although only completed a few months ago this is quickly becoming an iconic piece for Chinatown Baltimore and for the artist Jahru, it represents cultures coming together in this awesome depiction of the Chinese dragon and the African Lion.

Jessie Unterhalter / Katey Truhn

This super cool abstract completed by the graffiti duo jessicaandkatey  bring their retro flair to the streets of Baltimore to morph the city from drab industrial buildings to colorful gigantic paintings.

Mary Carfagno Ferguson

Completed by Mary Carfagno in Pigtown, Baltimore Mary draws on the history of the area to capture a moment in the days of the locals.  


Whenever Escif made this piece he must have had a whole hell of a lot of yellow paint. This piece is huge and it puts a smile on our faces who well he used this huge building to display such a simple graphic.

Check out the artists work here: