Spiritual Wellness: 12 Powerful Benefits of Spirituality for Millennials

Millennials understand the importance of spiritual wellness for your overall well-being. Discover 12 impactful benefits of spirituality for millennials now.

There are more than 83.1 Millennials today, who represent more than one-quarter of the nation’s population. While much of the focus is on their numbers, other pertinent issues have also come up. Several studies show millennials have moved away from spiritualism.

Does it mean spiritual wellness is dead among millennials?

In a world where religion and spirituality have become peripheral issues, this decline in spirituality is not surprising.  A 2012Pew Research Center study state that only 20 percent of millennials and Gen Z attend traditional, organized spaces for religion.

There’s no doubt that spirituality (including prayer and religion) have myriad positive effects on health and wellness. Despite the falling interest in religion among millennials,  all these studies show millennials are still spiritual.

Millennials have found a myriad of other ways to express and nurture that spirituality outside of religion. A report on PBS NEWS says that Millennials haven’t forgotten spirituality. They are rather in search of the meaning and ways to express this spirituality.

Millennials spirituality is not dead. Instead, this segment of the population wants to learn how spirituality works.

Exploring the Benefits of Spiritual Wellness for Millennials

This article explores some powerful benefits of spirituality for the overall wellbeing of millennials. If you are a millennial searching for the meaning of spirituality, you may want to read the following benefits.

1. Learning Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not an easy practice in ordinary circumstances. Many families, marriages, and business relationships have failed due to a lack of forgiveness.  It is one of the main benefits of spirituality.

Mistakes will always happen in life, and when you are the affected party, there’s a need to forgive. This is only possible if you understand the beauty and depth of God’s forgiveness. It is easy to learn how to let go when you explore your spirituality and learn God’s forgiving nature.

2. Finding a Purpose in Life

Modern life is fraught with challenges and navigating through them all is not easy for a millennial. Many young people fail to make big life decisions because they have no guiding light. Without any sense of spirituality, you can find yourself making the wrong decisions in your life.

If you believe in a higher power, it is easier to maneuver through life’s most complicated problems. You have the confidence to make big moves in your life, knowing God is there to help you.

Many young people miss out on opportunities in life because they have no purpose in life. When you believe in something bigger than yourself, it gives you the confidence to aim and achieve more.

3. Spiritual Wellness Reduces Stress Levels

In today’s hectic lifestyles, stress is never far off. There are different life challenges that millennials face.  These include job losses, divorce, work, and family pressure all which cause stress. While there are different ways to cope with stress, getting in touch with your spirituality is one of the best approaches to use.

Many young people use unproductive and destructive ways to cope with stress. These include alcohol abuse, suicide, drugs, among others. However, practicing spirituality through prayer and worship is a more productive and long-term way to handle stress.

When under a lot of pressure, take a break, and reflect on what you believe. It is the perfect moment to query your spiritual beliefs. You will find such moments calming, which helps reduce stress levels. You can relinquish the toughest problems in your life to a bigger power resulting in a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

4. Hope and Love

Hope and love are not the easiest things to find in the contemporary world. However, growing millennial generation spirituality can change all this. Young people are the largest part of the population. By empowering their spiritual beliefs, it is possible to create a world where hope and love are possible.

As a millennial, you can make a change in life by nurturing your spirituality.  When you believe that God loves you, it is easy to spread unconditional love and give hope to others.

5. Overcoming Challenges

Millennials face unique challenges which the older population didn’t have to grapple with.  These include the fear of missing out (F.O.M.O), over qualification (about 61 percent of adult Millennials have attended college) and college debt.

Other challenges including home ownership, high divorce rates lead to the highest levels of stress and depression than any other generation. Coping with these unique challenges calls for an effective approach.

Spiritual consciousness is a great way for millennials to tackle the increasing challenges in life. By practicing spirituality, they learn to withstand challenges and relief their burdens to a higher power. If you struggle with multiple challenges, it is time to explore your spiritual beliefs.

6. Self-actualize

Everyone would like to reach self-actualization. It is not easy; even the most successful people in life struggle to achieve this stage of personal growth. Through spiritual growth, it is possible to self-actualize as you focus all your attention to internal values.

Spiritually conscious people don’t worry much about what others say but seek validation from a higher power. By growing your spiritual beliefs, it is easy to become a better person. Self-actualization has an impact on your wellbeing and also positively impact those around you.

7. Grow in a Spiritual  Community

The best thing about discovering your spirituality is that it helps you connect with like-minded people. You feel the urge to connect with other prayerful people.  In this community, you benefit from the fellowship and prayers from other members.

By joining a praying community such as New City Church, it is possible to overcome such fears and enjoy a sense of belonging. It reduces stress and helps you focus your energies on personal growth and helping others.

Living outside a spiritual community might seem cool, but has some risks. You have no one to turn to at your darkest hour. A spiritual community offers prayers, encouragement, and an emphasis on personal growth.

8. Build and Mend Relationships

It is no secret that millennials struggle to build and maintain strong relationships. There is a wide range of problems afflicting this age group.   The failure to cope with such challenges in the right way can impact relationships.

Growing your spirituality is a great step towards building long-lasting relationships.

When you believe in something bigger than yourself, it is easy to forgive. You will also find it easier to love without limits and make sacrifices. These are things that will help you in relationships. In case of trouble in your marriage or other personal relationships, your spirituality comes in handy.

9. Live Longer

Everyone would love to live longer, but modern life realities make this difficult.  Suicide levels among millennials are high than in other age groups. More young adults in the U.S. are experiencing mental health issues. Spiritual awareness can help deal with this problem.

Practicing spirituality helps deal with the toughest situations in life. It also gives you a sense of purpose in life as you believe in a superior being. This makes it easier to deal with major causes of suicidal thoughts such as rejection, financial problems,  and identity issues.

A study of 74,534 female participants suggests those who attended church services showed a 33 percent lower risk of death. This shows participants they can deal better with issues causing psychological problems in life.

10. Boosting Positive Thinking

It is not uncommon for millennials to complain about negative thoughts. It is one of the early signs of suicidal risks among young people. When a young mind doesn’t have a strong grounding in faith, it is easy for such thoughts to arise.

However, if you explore your spirituality and practice it, you’ll get the power over thoughts. Spiritual awareness is important when struggling with negative thoughts. It gives you the power to control your thought system.

If you have hope in life, you will always have positive thoughts about your life.

11. Contributing to a Better World

Millennials complain about the poor state of world affairs. There are wars, poverty, racism, and an increase in violence levels. It might be impossible to do anything about these things. Practicing your spirituality and joining a spiritual community can make life a little bit comfortable.

As you nurture your beliefs, it becomes easier to address these ills.  It is for this reason that most churches have community support services. We now have Millennials put in charge of most of these programs.

Participating in community programs not only builds you as an individual but also makes an impact on the larger society.

12. Deeper Meaningful Life

Many young people question their lives and find their existence meaningless. Spiritual growth solves this by giving you a strong grounding in faith. You know that despite myriad challenges, there’s a purpose for you in this world. You will enjoy a meaningful life which promotes your wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual wellness doesn’t receive a lot of attention when talking about millennials. However, when you look at these benefits, it becomes apparent how it can change individuals and the larger society.

Are you a millennial and desire to live a purposeful, meaningful life? Learn more about spirituality and its benefits today. It is the best way to promote personal growth and make an impact in the world.

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