Baltimore City Council Curbing Vaping

Although vaping is largely accepted as a safer and healthier substitute for cigar smoking, not everyone sees it in that light. Some lawmakers identify the fact that vaping carries a number of health risks and too much of it can be harmful to the health of an individual. To protect residents from the harmful effects of vaping, some governments have implemented laws to regulate vaping and ensure that vapors do it responsibly. Members of the City Council of Baltimore have taken some pretty bold steps to establish specific laws to curb both smoking and vaping.

This council has passed three bills aimed at expanding their laws and regulations on vaping and smoking.

Flavored Vaping Juice

One of the bills that was passed by the Baltimore City Council concerns the sale of flavored vape juices. Vape juices are available in quite a number of flavors ranging from strong variants such as menthol to delicious flavors like strawberry and pineapples. Among the things that make vaping very popular is the fact that it allows users to enjoy a vape in different flavors. Councilman Leon Pinkett III believes that the flavors are meant to entice the youth into vaping. Some vapors view vaping as a simple activity as they often overlook the nicotine content on the e-juice and instead focus on the flavors. The councilman further adds that a youth will be quick to shun smoking but find it easy and much more acceptable to vape due to the flavors.

The bill that outlaws the sale of flavored e-juice is designed to help vapors see vaping for what it exactly is and reduce the number of users who go to it for the flavors. The bill is sure to have a great impact on the vaping industry in Baltimore. Taking the flavors out of the picture removes an important marketing point for vapors who enjoy the delicious hits offered by the various flavors. This is likely to minimize sales considerably.

E-Smoking Definition

The bills also sought to expand the definition of vaping and electronic smoking gadgets. They seek to incorporate more than the current electronic pipes, electronic cigars and e-cigarettes. In the new definition of electronic smoking devices, the bill includes battery or electronic-operated                   products that either contain or deliver nicotine to a user. This also includes other substances that are meant for human consumption. Products considered under this new definition would include e-pipe, e-cigar, e-cigarette, vape pen or e-hookah.

Vape Businesses

There was also a bill that was raised to regulate the business activities of vape stores in Baltimore. One of the bills that was sponsored at the council required every store that dealt in vape products to set up prominent display signs that explained the health risks associated with using the products. They are also required to give detailed information on how to quit smoking and or vaping.

The bills are sure to cut down on the Baltimore population that vapes. It is also bound to greatly reduce the market for vaping products in the region.