10 Difficulties You May Face as a New Immigrant in Australia

Moving to Australia may be the best decision you ever made as it contains nearly everything you need to enjoy a good life. With the country being ranked as the fifth best in the world and having three of its big cities in the list of top ten liveable cities in the world; you probably might not get a better environment to raise a family. If you are ready to move to Australia, go through this checklist on www.ausmove.co.nz.

Every year, the country receives migrants in hundreds of thousands from different countries, and at least 20,000 from New Zealand.

However, there are certain difficulties most immigrants in Australia face while settling down. These include…

Understanding the Australian Accent and Lingo

Australian slang and colloquialisms are initially hard to get used to, according to immigrants. Words like ‘Arvo’ for the afternoon, ‘Cuppa’ for a cup of tea, ‘Macca’ for McDonald’s, ‘Footy’ for football, ‘Biccy’ for biscuits, and ‘Devo’ for devastated, could leave you looking lost. The accent too might be hard to understand as the Kiwi accent differs greatly from the Aussie accent.

Getting used to the culture and lifestyle

Australian culture, though interesting and lovely, seems hard to adjust to. Aussies love their wine and you may find people cooling off somewhere with some bottles anytime. It is normal to see people moving around comfortably in thongs (flip-flops). Aussies rise early too and try to carry out most activities of the day before 12 noon. In big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, people hardly seem to sleep as the nightlife is just as interesting as the daytime.

Finding good accommodation

If you plan to live in any of the big cities, you may have a hard time getting suitable accommodation. If you are moving with your family, it may be even harder. Besides the huge costs, getting one at a suitable location might take months. In cities like Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane, you can find one that is family-friendly and at a cheaper rate in no time.

Getting a Job

Australia pays higher than most countries–perhaps as a way to make up for the high cost of living. But as an immigrant, it may take you a while to secure a job. If you are not fluent in English, you may have to enroll in English language classes. The good news is, the unemployment rate in Australia is low and you are likely to get a job even without a university degree. Registering with recruiters might help you secure one faster.

Difficulty in forming relationships

In some cities like Perth, the people are cliquey. If you are not the type that socializes, it may be hard for you to make friends in Australia. With time, you will find people who you share things in common with.

Access to services

When moving to a new location, one issue you may face is identifying which services are offered in the new location. The three biggest challenges you may face include securing access to health care, legal advice, and social services. Contact immigration support for professional advice, or talk to people and see what advice they can offer you.

Difficulty in Transportation

You may have a hard time accessing local transportation which is costly. You may be advised to get a car, but getting a new driver’s license is another hard task. You will eventually surmount it, anyway.

Getting used to the Weather

The Australian climate is hot and the weather unpredictable. Folks wake up early and end most of their daily activities before 12 noon when the temperature is at its peak. Do not move around without sunscreen as you are likely to develop skin cancer. Thankfully, the country has more than enough beaches to cool off during the weekend.

 Prejudice and Racism

While this is not so common, and Aussies are likely to deny it, you may experience minimal prejudice and racism initially. If you do not drop the Kiwi accent as fast as you can, you may have to deal with people chuckling whenever you try to make a conversation. At your workplace, you may feel a little isolated too.

Managing your decisions

As a new immigrant, you may find it hard knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. With the high cost of living, managing your finances properly may be difficult. Make friends with other migrants who have been in Australia for some time. They will help you to adapt to your new life.