Baltimore and Wrestling – A book tells this long story

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Maybe not everyone knows that until 1963 Baltimore was a city where practically Pro Wrestling was totally absent. Then everything changed when the most important US federations began to be hosted regularly by the Baltimore Arena (now Royal Farms Arena). Since then, the city has become one of America’s most important fan base and huge pages of wrestling have been written in the plant just mentioned.

To this long history that lasted for over 50 years, journalist Graham Cawthon decided to dedicate a book published in 2015 entitled “Battleground Baltimore: How One Arena Changed Wrestling History (The History of Professional Wrestling)” and we are ready to bet, maybe through borgata casino bonus codes that many would appreciate the reading.

In the book, there are reports of incredible events both from a recent past and back in time. From the spectacular matches of Bruno Sammartino to the official debut of the Wyatt Family, Cawthon has created a book full of emotions capable of affecting not only the most hardcore wrestling fans.

In addition to the report, the author collected the thoughts of many protagonists of the events that were held in Baltimore and we are certainly talking about some really important characters in the history of Wrestling inside and outside the ring. Among the many, we mention Jim Cornette, Jimmy Valiant, Larry Zbyszko, Nikolai Volkoff (unfortunately deceased very recently) and Terry Funk.

The research work carried out by Graham Cawthon results to be truly extraordinary with the re-publication in its work of newspaper clippings ranging from the 60s to the present day. A way to tell also the very rapid evolution of the mass media in American history.

There are also all the event cards with their results and complete details for a truly painstaking work and literally laudable like few others in Pro Wrestling enriched by over a thousand images.

Meanwhile, the many Wrestling fans of the city wait for news from the World Wrestling Entertainment on when their event will come back. The last one, indeed, is dated January 27, 2018 and also, in that case, a match in some ways historical took place: one of the greatest superstars in the history of WWE, Kane The Big Red Match, faced for the first time in his career Brock Lesnar that wears the belt of WWE Universal Champion.

For the fans of Glenn Thomas Jacobs (real name of Kane) unfortunately on that occasion in Baltimore, powerful Lesnar succeeded in keeping his belt in an also quite short match. But Jacobs perhaps was distracted by the new career he had decided to undertake. After a few years of interest in politics, in 2017 he took the field in the ranks of the Republican Party, candidate as mayor of the County of Knox, Tennessee. After winning the primaries on May 1, 2018, on August 2nd he was elected with a truly extraordinary result, 67% of votes. Jacobs became mayor quite recently, as he began to administer the county last September 1st.