Art event show and tell held at the Peabody LibraryBaltimore Post-Examiner

Art event show and tell held at the Peabody Library

A spirited “show and tell” art event was held Saturday in conjunction with the annual Springtime FlowerMart, at the fabled Peabody Library, in the Mt. Vernon historic district in Baltimore.

It was sponsored by “The Ivy Bookshop.”

Jessica Anya Blau

Serving as moderator for the program was the author, Maya Alexandri. The event, she said in her opening remarks, was featured by “Bmore Art’s pick of the week.”

Alexandri’s short story, “Tourist in Hades,” has just been published by Bedlam Publishing.

On the program were the screenwriter and popular author, Jessica Anja Blau. Her latest novel is the acclaimed Trouble with Lexie.

Talented novelist, Maxwell Smart Bell, author of Behind the Moon, was also on the program. He’s the author of 12 novels and two collection of short stories.

Filling out the bill was the poet and spoken word artist, Slangston Hughes “Slanguage Arts & Griot Glimpses.” He is also an educator. More details on the background of the three literary figures can be found here.

The three artists, speaking from their own works, put on a very informative and entertaining performance.

Eduard Berlin of “The Ivy Bookshop” said that he expected today’s program to become an annual event in association with the FlowerMart.

Note: The Peabody Library was founded in the 1860s by philanthropist and patriot, George Peabody. He was part of the gallant Militia that had helped defend the City of Baltimore in the War of 1812-14, against the British. Today, the Johns Hopkins University maintains the Peabody Library.

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Photos by Bill Hughes
Top photo: Slangston Hughes and Maya Alexandri



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