Anti-fracking protest held in Fell’s Point

Protesters staged an anti-fracking demonstration Saturday in Fell’s Point, which included interactive light projections.
Activists urged Governor Martin O’Malley to ban fracking as the only way to protect Maryland’s climate, property values and quality of life. The protest was one of about “200 actions [that are] taking place on Oct. 19th across six continents.” They are aimed at sending a message “to elected officials around the world.” To learn more, go to GlobalFrackdown2,  and Food & Water Watch.

Food & Water Watch

O’Malley has recently ordered a study to find out if fracking offers “unacceptable risk to Marylanders.” His press secretary added that his final decision will be “guided by the science.”

Activist Julie Gouldener helped organize the protest action. Jorge Aquilar, the Southern Regional Director, with Food & Water Watch, shared his views on the issue with me. He fears that the governor is moving forward with developing regulations “to issue fracking permits in Maryland.”

Threat to Natural Resouces