AMS ColdPro founder, Huy Nguyen, launches ‘The Cargo Crew’ in the United States

Like many other entrepreneurs, Huy Nguyen loves developing things. He discovers problems in the world and strives to provide solutions. But unlike the rest, he has managed to establish two different businesses. Along the way, in his 10+ years in the industry and 3+ years as an entrepreneur, he has given a lot of advice on topics of starting a business, managing people, and running it efficiently.

When Huy Nguyen formed AMS ColdPro, the plan was to provide HVAC services in Houston and the nearby areas. After about three 3 years tinkering under the hood, serial entrepreneur Huy Nguyen finally made a come-back with the launch of ‘The Cargo Crew,’ – a trucking and freight company offering logistics throughout the United States. At its core, The Cargo Crew is an ambitious company that aims to keep up with the growing demand for loads, and invariably, trucks and drivers. The business scenario continues to evolve in America; the professional trucking business continues to grow, and Huy’s The Cargo Crew hopes to pick up the pace with the same intensity.

Having spent his childhood in Houston where the summertime temperature would go up to 100 degrees with 100% humidity, people in the nearby area needed air conditioning systems. When Huy Nguyen, now a founder of AMS ColdPro, realized the demand for an AC installer, he knew had to take up the job he had in his hands and move up the ladder eventually. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Huy, who had gained an experience of over 7 years in the HVAC industry, knew that there were gaps he had to address.

During the later years of his professional journey, Huy applied for the State Exam and shortly qualified for the HVAC Master License. In 2016, he launched AMS ColdPro for he had understood that the most important thing people needed was an efficient HVAC installer. What started out of passion as a small idea is a multi-million dollar business now. AMS ColdPro has come a long way from its inception and has grown to leaps and bounds, organically.

With undying passion, thirst for knowledge, and work ethic to thrive, Huy Nguyen recently launched The Cargo Crew. As a whole, the professional trucking and transport company will provide logistics throughout America and also address the in-depth queries. The Cargo Crew takes it as their responsibility to attend the demand-supply loop in the freight industry and deliver its services.

Huy’s success in Texas has pushed him to look into newer territories and is also contemplating to add a bigger wing to his existing businesses. He says, “I firmly believe in starting a business that helps in improving people’s lives. Building something with passion is important to me, that’s how I launched AMS ColdPro and The Cargo Crew. While I say this, I’m already thinking of ways in which I can launch another business. As far as my journey is concerned, I’ve learned that in order to succeed, you have to struggle and be true to yourself. It is important to work on building a business that you’re proud of.”

Huy currently lives in Houston, Texas, and is happily married to Jaquelin Nguyen. Apart from running his businesses successfully, he also provides mentorship and leadership coaching to aspirants by sharing his life stories. To boot, he also contributes to society by guiding and inspiring people to attain their goals. “When people doubt your vision, don’t run after proving them wrong. See it for yourself and prove yourself right,” adds Huy Nguyen.