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Proper nutrition is the key to leading a healthy and fit life. If you do not add proper and well-balanced nutrition to your daily meals, your body will lack the much-needed support to fight off any harmful virus and bacterial attacks. Many people have a wide variety of food items in order to supply their body with all the vital minerals and vitamins. However, if you are a busy executive, it will be difficult to follow a nutritional diet all the time. Thus, the best solution is to have a proper health supplement that can fulfill all the dietary needs of your body.

Ample Meal

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Connor started off with his dream project Ample Meal and is the founder and CEO of the company. He is basically a nutrition and biological nerd and has an intense passion to see people lead a healthy lifestyle. At Ample Meal there is a strong belief that the entire food industry needs a large scale leveling up. They also believe that science and health foods should go hand-in-hand and a regular urge for improvement should be there to find the optimal nutrition. Ample Meal is constantly compared to Soylent which is one of its top competitors.

Ample Meal Products

You will find quite a few varieties of health and nutritional food products being sold by Ample Meal. Some of the popular ones have been listed below.

  • Ample Original Formula: This happens to be a balanced meal made by Ample Meal and is ideally suited for omnivores. It is a great combination of fiber, protein, probiotics, and organic greens for an all-around nourishment. Ample Original Formula does not contain soy, gluten, GMOs, and any artificial sweeteners.
  • Ample V: Another useful and highly popular product made by Ample Meal is Ample V. this is basically a plant-based meal that fills up your tummy and gives you the feeling of being full even after hours of having it. It contains real food ingredients along with probiotics, fiber, organic greens, and protein. Ample V is available in 2 types of meal sizes, a regular one of 400 calories and a large one of 600 calories.
  • Ample K: The “K” in the name of this product means ketogenic, which means that it is a full drinkable meal especially designed for those of you on a keto diet. It is also made from real food ingredients and comes packed with complete protein, healthy fats, probiotics, organic greens, and fiber. Ample K has a rich, smooth, milky, as well as nutty taste with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon flavors.

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