Aesthetics Retreat is the go-to place for all kinds of skincare related procedures

In one way of another, people across the globe focus on maintaining their health, be it by working out or doing spa treatments or even cosmetic and health care procedures. For those who prefer going the medical route, there is no place that is better than Aesthetics Retreat. The facility is based out of Zurich, Switzerland, and is the premier destination for all kinds of procedures from anti-aging treatments to wrinkle treatments to corrective procedures, etc.

Aesthetics Retreat is a three-year-old institution founded and owned by Daniela Graci who is a specialist when it comes to Modern non-invasive procedures and wrinkle treatment. She is one of the leaders in her field today and ensures that she is up to date in terms of the ever-growing technologies and knowledge in her line of work. Graci often attends seminars and lectures and urges her employees to do the same.

Talking a little more about the business and how she stepped into the beauty industry, Daniela Graci shares, “I noticed very early that I was not only interested in travel, but especially in the beauty of people, why in certain countries women look much younger and fresher than in others”, when I was 22 years old, I decided to take a new step as a beauty expert. It’s also a family business: together with my two sisters Domenica and Fabiana Graci, we now combine travel with the right skincare routine to give our clients the perfect travel and beauty experience. We all pull together and work closely with each other: Domenica is responsible for the travel with her company One Luxury and Fabiana for the beauty of our clients. Together we form a unit and combine beauty & travel at the highest level and give our clients the best service.”

The institute has a very unique approach towards treating its clients. They focus on creating a balance between three key areas namely: optimized psychological well-being, improved overall health status, and lastly, a beautiful appearance. The end result is the combination of improved internal health and a refreshed outer appearance. The team at Aesthetics Retreat consists of highly skilled professionals who have spent years mastering their technique and now specialize in corrective treatments for scars, wrinkles, aging, hyperpigmentation, skin tightening, skin image renewal, and many more. Aesthetics Retreat also offers numerous body treatments such as nutritional counseling, Coolsculpting, and Lymphatic drainage.