Absolutely Abs: They are there somewhere……

I played hardball with myself today, if that doesn’t sound too weird….

  • One round of Zumba Fitness – check.
  • One round of Zumba Toning (this is with weights) – check.
  • One round of Body Conditioning – check.

And what, may I ask, is this going to do to my currently non-existent abs? Please make them appear out of nowhere and let me love them and have names for all six of them.

Abs 004
No more Cheesecake Factory bread! Work those Abs.

All I have to do is break through the belly fat, stop eating that lovely bread from the Cheesecake Factory and crunch, baby, crunch.

So….what does this woeful area of my body currently look like? [pics attached]

It’s sort of soft and round. My son told me this. His exact words were: “Mummy, you are sort of thin, but your tummy is a bit wobbly and round.” Out of the mouth of babes.

Crunches really hurt. I am much, much better at cardio. There is a crunch pain barrier that I have to break through, but I am not sure yet when this is, because all I am thinking as I crunch is: this hurts and I want it to stop, but I want abs, so I must keep going. So I sort of have an inward negotiation with myself as I am crunching and hurting at the same time, which at least passes the time.