A Guide to Temporary Storage Buildings for Beginners

Temporary buildings have been in use by a few sectors such as the military for a long time. But today, the solution has been commercialized, which is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the construction sector, owing to the numerous benefits of temporary buildings. What’s more, they are used to offer long-term solutions, unlike what many people think when they first come across the name temporary structure.

Many sectors have adopted the use of temporary storage buildings to take care of their storage needs conveniently and affordably. If you have a business or work in an organization, chances are that you will need some storage space to store some items. Therefore, temporary storage buildings will be of help to you, especially when you understand how they work. That said, this article will take you through invaluable information that you need to make the right decisions when it comes to temporary storage structures.

What Are Temporary Storage Buildings?

This is an enclosed space that is made of light gauge materials, which are referred to as temporary materials. Temporary storage buildings are used to store goods for a certain period of time. Some temporary storage buildings are made to store goods for a short time while others offer a long-term solution for businesses. 

Temporary storage buildings come in a variety of designs such as rectangular clear span structures, square tents, dome tents, portable storage containers, or long steel sheet structures. They are also made of different materials, which include frames, wall and roof panels, or steel sheets.

Popular Types of Temporary Storage Buildings

  • Portable container shelters – These are very popular temporary storage buildings in the construction industry, schools, businesses, and the like. Although shipping containers are relatively small, they can accommodate a lot of goods such as extra products for a business, school textbooks and learning gear, and building materials.
  • Warehouse storage buildings – These temporary storage buildings are large and tend to avoid any pillars in the middle so that they can hold a lot of warehousing goods. Sometimes, forklifts are used inside the structures to lift heavy goods. They may also have loading canopies attached to them. You should check the clear-span buildings and other temporary storage buildings offered by Smart-Space to understand the options better.
  •  Semi-permanent steel sheet structures – These temporary storage buildings offer a long-term solution to businesses and organizations. They are popular for use by manufacturing and processing factories. They are sturdy, durable, and maintenance-free; hence, they are very useful.
  • Tented structures – Although tents are common for event shades, they are also used as temporary storage buildings. Such structures tend to be completely enclosed with an access door. However, they are only used for a short time and require extra physical security to protect the stored goods.

How to Buy Temporary Storage Buildings

If you need any of the temporary storage buildings we have mentioned, then you should know how to get the best. First of all, take your time to research and understand the best service providers in your area. Many of them have unique and innovative solutions, so compare their products to find the one that meets your requirements. Get to know all the features before you purchase a temporary storage structure.

When you have settled on a service provider, the next step is to discuss the customization of your structures so that they can prepare a quote. Sometimes, the experts will need to come to your site to assess the ground, take measurements, and plan your structures.

From here, you can pay so that the experts can start fabrication or deliver and assemble the temporary storage buildings if they are already prefabricated. Typically, acquiring temporary structures is easy, fast, and affordable compared to building permanent storage buildings.

Benefits of Temporary Storage Buildings

Well, temporary storage buildings come with a lot of benefits. We have mentioned some of them such as convenience and saving on costs and time. When you procure temporary storage structures, it takes a short time to fabricate and erect them on-site. In fact, modular structures are always ready to install, which takes a short time. All of this costs significantly less than building brick-and-mortar structures.

Other benefits include the ease of making extensions when more space is needed. They also blend well with existing structures just in case you have other storage facilities or existing buildings at your business site.


As you can see, there is a lot to learn about temporary storage buildings. They are useful structures with numerous benefits to businesses, organizations, and other users. In this regard, they are worth buying and installing. If you do not want to buy, you can save even more by hiring them for a short time.