7 SEO Tactics you Should be Using

If you’re struggling to gain viewership on your website for your business, search engine optimization (SEO) is key to getting your webpages ranked on search engines above your competitors. When a user conducts a search online, they’re unlikely to look past the first five results. This is why optimizing for SEO is crucial, not only for your website but also your digital presence.

Keeping up with SEO isn’t always easy, especially when search engines like Google continuously update their algorithms. Here are a handful of the tactics a Miami SEO company may utilize to give your business a boost:

Responsive Web Design

When search engines send crawlers to collect information from your website, they take several things into account before calculating your ranking. One is how fast it takes for your webpages to load their content, as well as how easy it is for users to read and navigate your website.

A Miami SEO company will optimize your website with responsive web design—and a clear sitemap. This ensures that your pages are fast to load and easy to read and find the information they are looking for. Responsive web design also helps in making your website mobile-friendly for users on their smartphones.

Optimize for Voice Search

Voice engine optimization (VEO) now plays a substantial part in your search engine rankings. Voice-assisted devices like smartphones, Amazon Alexa products, and Apple’s Siri are crushing the game when it comes to voice search, as there are over one billion voice searches made per month. Optimizing your web content for voice search is a great way to keep up with your competitors and gain visibility online.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps to optimize your website for search engines using your business’s physical location. Place-based searches are particularly popular for users who are looking for specific products and services, including yours!

Build External Links

Establishing your presence online also means establishing your credibility with users. If they think your information is credible (quality and relevant), then they will be more likely to browse your website. Including external links in your content only benefits you when you’re linking to trustworthy websites that are authorities in their field topics.

Update Existing Content

Updating your existing web content doesn’t just mean revamping obsolete information on your site. This is great, of course, but if you have a blog or archive of articles, those old posts are prime material that you can revamp with even more engaging images and content to gain new user traffic on your website.

Make Shareable Content

The more visits you get from search engines, social media users, online forums, and bloggers, you know that your content is shareable, relevant, and interesting. The more your content is shared and linked to on various platforms, the more awareness you gain for your brand. Create descriptive and creative headlines with eye-catching images and visual elements (like infographics and videos), and content that is easy to read.

Come Up with Unique Keywords

The key to good SEO is using keywords in your content that reflects your brand, and your industry niche. Building your content around unique keywords that represent your business will help you gain an equally unique following online, and will go a long way in increasing your rankings on search engines.

Looking for Successful SEO Tactics?

Consider these SEO tactics when optimizing your business for search engines. A Miami SEO company can help you navigate the influx of SEO trends for a strategy that works best for you!