5 Questions to Ask an Abuse Compensation Lawyers Before Hiring Them

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Once you are abused physically, emotionally, and sexually, you should turn to someone that can help you acquire justice and compensation for experiencing such a traumatic event. Filing a case to your perpetrator requires you to hire the best abuse compensation lawyer to represent you in court.

To ensure that you will hire only the best, you should ask vital questions to the lawyer first. You must do this before you hire them to know if they fit your needs and expectations. During the interview, ask the following questions and see how they answer them.

Are You the Lawyer Who Will Handle My Case?

Most of the time, lawyers work in a firm. Whoever you are contacting at the moment may not be the lawyer that will represent you on the court. So, this question is vital to know if the lawyer you are currently talking to will be or not be the one handling your case.

Moreover, you should also consider that lawyers are launching extensive advertising campaigns to attract many clients but only to refer the clients to another lawyer from another law firm.

Before you start hiring, you should ensure that you address this issue as it is one of the most common issues many abuse victims face when hiring a lawyer.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire You?

The next question you should ask is how much the lawyer costs. When hiring an abuse compensation lawyer, the cost you will pay will depend entirely on the lawyer. Most of the time, compensation lawyers will charge you on a contingency basis. It means that there will be no money involved until you get compensated for the abuse that you experience.

Once your abuser pays you the compensation, the fee you will be paying the lawyer ranges from 25 to 40% of the total amount of the claim you acquire. So, you better ask this question to know whether you will need money upfront or not. It is also the best way to know how much your lawyer will charge you when you get the claim.

Asking about the lawyer fee is important before establishing a client-lawyer relationship. It is to ensure that this matter has already been agreed upon beforehand. You should also put this agreement in writing to have physical evidence just in case everything gets out of hand.

Why Should I Hire You?

This next question is the best question to ask if you want to know the lawyer’s strengths without asking it directly. Sometimes, people shy away from asking about the strengths of a lawyer, which can end up with them not knowing the real potential of an attorney before they hire them.

When asking this question, you should take note of the vital skills the lawyer will mention so that you will have something to compare after you interview multiple lawyers. Keep in mind that you must consider interviewing multiple lawyers before you hire one to have an option.

There is no wrong or correct answer to this. Your only aim here is to get to know the lawyer’s capability in front of you so that it will help you decide who to hire.

What Were the Results You Obtained With Similar Cases Like Mine?

Results are important. It is why you are asking questions and filtering the lawyers because you want to achieve excellent results. Therefore, you should never forget to ask this question to your lawyer during your interview.

However, it would be best to consider that each case is unique. Even though the lawyer has already had a similar case like yours, there will always be something different. So, your goal for asking this question is to know if the lawyer has experience handling similar cases and obtain a favorable outcome for their clients.

Can I Contact You Anytime?

Communication is the key to establishing a good relationship. Therefore, the lawyer you hire must be open to communicating with you anytime, whenever you need, as long as it regards your case.

You have to understand that some lawyers are strict about only contacting them within working hours. However, some attorneys will be okay with you contacting them anytime if it is case-related.

Asking this question will help you choose a lawyer who can provide you with what you need and your expectations.

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Ensure That You Get the Best

You have been through enough and hiring the wrong lawyer is not an option. Therefore, you should ensure that you will ask the lawyer you plan to hire before you hire them officially, and when you are not satisfied with their answer, do not think twice to drop the lawyer and move forward.