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4 Tips to get More Conversions in Your Online Store

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For online stores, conversion rates are one of the most important factors on how they can measure success, next to profit and happy customers. Getting your conversion rate to increase can also have a direct impact on the profit your online store makes. And very small things can have a big impact on your conversions; e.g. if you add an up-and-coming payment method to your checkout system. In this article, we give you 4 tips that can have a positive impact on the conversions of your online store. 

1. Start collecting email addresses

A “hey, you forgot this in your basket”-mail might not always be the most loved, but these emails are very effective nonetheless. Customers that didn’t buy a certain product, get reminded of that product and are more likely to check out the product again and buy it. Do make sure to follow all the regulations around collecting email addresses, the fines can be big if you collect emails ‘illegally’. A good way to collect email addresses is by offering e.g. 10 percent off if someone leaves their email address. 

2. Analyse the way your customers interact with your website

Do you know how your customers act when they scroll your website? You might have written lovely content, but do your customers actually read it? And do they check the price or the photos on a product page before entering the checkout process? Knowing how your customers interact with your website is super important for your conversions. HotJar is an incredible tool to do that. It’s a heat mapping tool that tracks how people browse pages on your website. It shows colors on a page and the orange-red places are the places customers hover over the most. For example: if you notice people hover a lot over the pictures, you might consider adding extra pictures that are zoomed in more. The heatmap shows you what customers deem to be important. This allows you to change things to your website. Does everyone try to click a ‘contact us’-sentence that’s not clickable? Then you can make it clickable! 

3. A/B-test like your life depends on it

With the feedback you get from customers and HotJar, you can optimize your website so much. But before you switch your entire website or do anything harsh, it’s a good idea to A/B-test. Do you notice your customers leave your checkout process a lot during a certain list they have to fill-in? Then you can for instance A/B-test a shorter checkout process to see if that makes any difference in your conversions. A/B-testing might take some time, but there’s so much you can learn from it. Even bigger, bolder “buy now!”- buttons might affect your conversions. Small tweaks can have a big effect, which is why we recommend you to test everything before implementing it straight away. After all, not all A/B-tests are successful … 

4. Focus on your unique selling points

When there are things that make your business stand out from the competition, we call those unique selling points. Maybe your customer service always answers within the hour. Maybe you’re fully certified on something so super knowledgeable. Whatever it is, use these USPs on your website! For instance, take a look at how FMTC Safety does it. If you’re looking for offshore training or GWO courses, the site mentions their USP’s multiple times on their pages and their checkout process. Truly everywhere you can see, for example, that they never cancel a training – something other providers sometimes do. 

We hope our tips give you more conversions! 

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